Ti-Cats The Best Defence in the CFL!!

No doubt the Tiger-Cats this season have the best defence in the CFL, we may not lead the league in sacks but we lead in just about every other category of defence from interceptions and closing in on a CFL record for interception TD's.

The Tiger-Cats have allowed only 295 points this season so far and lead the league tied with Edmonton but Hamilton have a game in hand. On offence we lead the league in Scoring at 483 points the closest is Calgary at 408 and once again with a game in hand on the Cats.

All the talk around the CFL from the ex-Argo jocks on TSN is all about what a great defence Edmonton or Calgary or Ottawa have but the Tiger-Cats don't get the same recognition and yet lead the league on the points board for allowed or scored and with a 10-5 winning record in the CFL East!

Keep it up guys, lets knockout BC and Ottawa next.


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While I agree with your comment on lack of recognition for the Tiger-Cats, I want to point out that having a game in hand is a negative, for Hamilton, when comparing their and Edmonton's equal number of points allowed. The Eskimos have allowed an average of 18.4 points per game. For Hamilton, the average points allowed per game is 19.7

I'm not sure if we're at the top statistically, but there are a few other relevant considerations.

  1. So many of our games have been blowouts, largely because our defence has absolutely crushed the opposition in the parts of the game when it counted. I can think of a lot of games where we let up a bit after we had a multi-TD lead, and allowed opponents to march down the field and score in garbage time. Edmonton and Calgary have had some blowouts too, but not nearly as many as us, so their defences have had to play the full 60 minutes to lock up the win. That can easily account for the point differential, and probably some of the yardage differential as well.

  2. Points against is only part of the story. In the first part of the season our defence was scoring a lot of points in its own right. It would be absurd not to factor this into any discussion of the best defence, but it doesn't really show up in the classic measures of who number 1.

  3. On the other hand, our defence have had one statistical advantage that no other defence can claim: they never had to play against the league's best offence.

What's that saying?! "Defence WINS Championships"


All aspects of the game , This is the best team in the CFL :rockin:

They do in practice. Perhaps that helps hone their skills? :wink: