Ti-Cats take 4 out of 6 outstanding Player awards!

Ticats announced as most outstanding player award winners on Thursday.
Centre Marwan Hage was named the East's top lineman while linebacker Markeith Knowlton earned to defensive player honours. Stala earned the most outstanding Canadian nod while running back/kick returner Marcus Thigpen was top rookie.
Congrads boys. :thup: :thup:

Nicely done, should have been a few more from the team but we will take it with a smile.


Quick prediction:

Knowlton wins; Hage wins; Thigpen has a decent chance of winning; Stala, while he he had a great bounceback year, has next to no chance of winning against Fantuz who led the entire league and not just Canadians, in receiving.

The press is finally starting to notice Knowlton, so he should have a good shot at taking MODP.

Stala? Not a chance, unfortunately, not against Fantuz's numbers this year.

I have to admit that I don't tend to watch the o-line that much, only noticing them when they let a guy through to the QB. And I haven't noticed them much at all this year. :slight_smile: Based on that, Hage should take top lineman.

Thigpen vs. Elimimian? Apples and oranges there. How do you compare these two? I'm hoping that Thipgen's five-TD-ways record at the beginning of the season will be enough, but it may come down to "What have you done lately?" Hoping for Thigpen, but wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get it.