Ti-Cats Struggle

Hamilton Tiger-Cats have talent on there team..they struggle for that first win of the season but its bound to happen (hopefully not against Winnipeg)..Maas better watch out cuz hes been pulled ever game this season except against B.C...They almost beat a team with a perfect record..but penalties were an issue with that game..What do you think?

only a matter of time. i think they should give their young new QB -- the flyin' hawaian -- a full game start, he looks promising.

NS, is this "flyin' hawaian" any relation to that "throwin' Samoain" from years back? :wink:

Maas looked OK last game, give him another shot.

Yeah but why not give Chang a game..heck who knows..Ti-Cats might win a game with him in

seriously though.. maas starts 4 games.. ti-cats loose 4 games, mix it up a little taaffe.


Chang Schmang, Maas is the only answer for this team right now. The coaching staff should make it clear to him that he is there guy no matter how the game goes.

He WILL repsond if the monkey is off his back and doesn't have to worru about being yanked every quarter.

Well he wouldnt have to worry about getting yanked every quarter if he was actually playing good

I think Hamilton's problems go much deeper than quarterback.

Every team has a problem and a weakness...some teams hide it better then others, Hamilton unfortunately shows there weakness and teams go after that! the Tabbies have alot of potential...they just havent showed it yet..it might not happen any time soon matter of fact..it might not be shown till near end of season..but they will show it and surprise alot of ppl

Actually, I don't. This is a much better team than their record bears out.

The personnel is quite sound. The LBs and DBs are improved from last year (biggest problem last season).
The O line and the combination of Lumsden, Radlein and Holmes makes for an impressive running game.

The Cats just need to get a decent performance from the QB position and they'll win some games this season.