Ti-Cats stink because of the way they dress...

Wait a minute before you attack me.

Remember how brutal teams in the NFL preformed when they look terrible. Remember the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dressing like an orange creamsicle with a, umm, you know, "stylish" pirate for a logo. The stunk until they changed to their current look.

The same went for the team of the new milleniun the New England Patriots. They were perenial cellar dwellars when the wore the red and white combo. When they switched to blue in the '90's they improved to the point that they have been in the Super Bowl 4 times in blue, winning 3.

I've noticed a similar uniform related issue with the Cats. In 2003 the Ti-Cats abandoned their traditional gold pants with black stripe (home & away) and adopted black pants with a gold triangle?!? we all know what happened that year umm remember 1-17-0? They were brutal.

Then in 2004 the dropped the ugly black pants and when back to good old gold but this time with a black/white/black/white/black stripe design. With the return of gold came the return to winning with a final record of 9-8-1.

Finally that brings us to 2005 and the CFL Reebok redesign. Pretty much bad for every team but for the Cats Reebok again sideline the gold pants in favor of a monochrome look. Black pants at home and white pants on the road. This resulted in a 5-13-0 record.

In 2006 we are still rocking the same look as 2005 and we are currently 2-7-0.

I say black jersey, either gold or white pants. White jersey, gold pants. Gold jersey, black pants. No monochome.

i say no, i like our jerseys and keep the yellow ones goin!

No White Pants Please...under any circumstances...they look terrible and besides...they have never won a game wearing them! :roll:

Only a rare quality butt looks good in those gold pants. Thankfully, we have a few of those... and I do believe they will be nominated for the calendar. Two of them have already!

I am going to have to disagree, I think we have the best uniforms in the league regardless of the jersey and pant colour combination. I like the white pant, white jersey combination, and the black pant, black jersey combination as well with those nice stripes.

I think Reebok did a great job of designing uniforms for all 9 (at the time) CFL teams that are updated, fashionable, and marketable.

My question is, why does the topic of the pant colour come up so often?



I don't think the topic was started because of how they look, it was suggesting that we stink with the new uniforms/logo...I don't see how uniforms can contribute to our situation...but who knows

Its all because of the pants, and the colour of uniform, and the new logo's..........give your head a good shake bud........its because the beer went up pin-head....... :o

It's not the colour of the uniform pants that has my attention. It's the thought that too many of them are playing as if they are wearing pink panties underneath.

I dunno, Two or three years later I am still unimpressed with the new duds that they wear. The yellow stripe down the side still makes them sort of look like a nicotine coloured skunk. They have played that way too for the majority of the time so I guess it isw apt. BTW add up what their record is in these new uniforms. Scary & both sad at the same time.

Bring back the older uniforms that they could actually play proudly in and WIN more than the odd game :>)))

Aside from 4 Grey Cup appearances the Ticats haven't been a good team in geral terms for 30 years. So you can blame any amount of uniform colours combinations you feel like it. It ain't the uniforms.

i think they should wear 1972 replica's

I think we should go back to a traditional look. I have to say that I truly can not stand any of the Uniforms that Reebok designed. Let the teams design their own uniforms again.

Bring back the Gold pants!!!