Ti-Cats stayed home?

What happened to the Ti-Cats tonight? Did the team not show up? Were they hungover? What? They played worse than Ottawa did on Thursday.

The ARGOS are that good.....as is........ B.C.

But for HAMILTON it is very hard to beat the same team back to back.....it doesn't happen very often for those L.D. week game , re matches. :smiley:

Winnipeg is beating SASK. now...

oppps.........SASK. won a rare CFL repeat.

I'm sorry, but Toronto aren't that good. If they're that good, how did they lose to Hamilton on Labour Day? A shutout in a high-scoring league like the CFL is downright embarassing. The Ti-Cats have to start playing with passion again. Also, their defence needs to stop allowing 35+ points per game.

I foresee a massive housecleaning at year's end for the Tabbies. And rightly so.