Ti-Cats @ Stamps

Anyone watching?

I'm wondering if that pick should've been called PI. It looked like the Stamps defender had a good grip of the Ti-Cats player's jersey, and he was holding the Ti-Cats player out, preventing him from catching the ball.


Yeah... all the calls seem to be going Stamps way. Missed offside, PI, facemask, and hands to the face on the QB all against the Stamps. Lets hope the refs tighten this up and start calling things fairly.

I just saw the replay of the shot to Porter's head. That definitely should've been called roughing. I'm with Climie, I don't know what the officials were looking at, but it certainly wasn't the game being played on the field.

As a Stamp fan I'm embarrassed by this team right now. Burris really sucks lately. I hope he finally stops comparing himself to the likes of AC now that he's truly stunk the last few games. And don't get m :thdn: e started on that brutal brutal run defence.

Yeah, usually this is the Henry Burris we see at the start of the season… not the end. :expressionless:

can we win a game with field goals?

GO Cats! :slight_smile:

need them to beat the Stamps to keep Saskatchewan tied with them!

both defences are lookin pretty solid in my opinion

challenge... thought?

3 points! talk about pissing away a good Reynolds drive. Pretty sad offensive display.

Terrible call by Bellefeuille.

I think Cobb is partially to blame for that sack. He just stood there while two defenders rushed by him. He didn't even flinch. It was like he was replaced with a statue. Considering Calgary has been stacking the line all night, as Glen Suitor pointed out, they should know the rush is coming. Cobb should've at least tried to block one of the defenders, and buy his QB another second or two.

Christ Burris sucks!!!

Here we go 2 and out, so predictable on first down!!

Hahahahahahahah Burris is really horrible tonight

If Calgary should some how manage to win this debacle tonight Burris should kiss the ass of every defensive player on the Stamps for keeping them in the game.

Pucker up Burris!! way to go “D”

Friggin Cobb. Let's another defender rush by him, giving up another sack. He's a terrible blocker. I definitely wouldn't feel confident with him protecting my flank.

I would like to thank the Stampeders from all the fans of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

And we Stamp fans would like to thank the Bombers for returning the favour :wink: