Ti-Cats, Stamps in Metro Sept. 25

this is the last season at ivor wynne
Really ? ...are you sure about that ? :?

The ivor wynne that we know of YES im sure about that, where have you been the last few months, lol!!

I think they should let keep the game in Hamilton this year

Next year since IWS will under a Rebuild would be better

Sorry, but why cannot both teams be on the road for the Moncton game, and not sacrifice a home game? Just like a Grey Cup game, one team is considered the home team in name only... It's not like the home team has a last shift change advantage, but maybe I'm missing something?? Wouldn't be the first time!!!


I'm not sure that would work. Each year, there's a 2 game series between Hamilton and Calgary (assuming it's Calgary we're playing against), with one home game for each team. That means either Calgary gets their home game of the series taken away or (seeming much more likely) Hamilton gets theirs taken away. Suppose it's taken Hamilton. Then there's no game against Calgary at Ivor Wynne. You could try to make up for that by giving Hamilton an extra home game with some other team. But that means that team gets one of their home games taken away. You try to make that one up by switching one of their other away games to a home game. But then yet another team gets a home game taken away. You can keep trying to make up for those those home games, but eventually, you'll end up taking a home game back from Hamilton (there's only a finite number of teams, and so eventually you'll end up cycling back to Hamilton). In effect, there's a Law of Conservation of Home games.

I'd love to go but we're thinking of going to the GC next year and can't go to everything.

Hmmm.... some people are understandably upset because they'll be losing a game this year, and the TiCats supposedly won't be playing in Ivor Wynne in 2012. But according to this article from about two weeks ago,

While the shovels are supposed to turn ground in the spring of 2012, it is more likely that 2013 will be the season the Tiger-Cats don’t play at Ivor Wynne.
So there will probably be one year of no missed games between this year when one of our home games goes to Moncton and many missed games in the year during which Ivor Wynne is closed for renovations. The year of the Moncton game and the year of a closed Ivor Wynne are likely not back-to-back.

The title say Ti-Cats,Stamps in Metro????? when I read that I thought TO. Then someone said Monkton?

Point well taken about the home and home series... then it would work for a game between either Win, Tor, Mont. which would allow home and home and a third game which usually happens between these teams There should not be any restriction on the Moncton game being a East-West game. By that time of year, it might even be a significant 4 pointer.