Ti-Cats, Stamps in Metro Sept. 25

Confirming months of speculation, Moncton city council made it clear yesterday the Scotiabank Touchdown Atlantic game would be returning to Moncton next fall.
No one at either city hall or the CFL was naming a date or what teams would play, but we already know the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be the home team because the team's general manager let that slip during a radio interview earlier this year.
The Tiger-Cats will play the Calgary Stampeders on Sept. 25.

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Personally i hope its an away game for them as we will miss our home games in 2012!

I've never been to Moncton. I look forward to making this road trip and do some sightseeing! :thup:

I pretty sure lose a Home game ... and I don't like it ..

Yeah, but Calgary easily out-sells Hamilton...

So I am paying as season ticket holder for a home game which I cannot go to? That doesn't seem fair to me.

So I am paying as season ticket holder for a home game which I cannot go to? That doesn't seem fair to me.

This came up in a previous thread on the matter. I have a hard time believing that the TiCats organization would charge us for a game that we can’t go to. I’m assuming that they’ll do something like give us a refund or an extra ticket for another game. Hopefully they let as know as soon as the official announcement is made.

Anybody know what they did for blue team sth’s last last year?

Thanks PCat. I sure hope so.

Bummer, I was hoping for a summer game, as I can't travel in September due to work.
Oh well, I'll an extra away game if I can this summer.

Okay, so when do we get our refund?

Based on experience as a STH for the Bulldogs its reasonable to assume you will be given a credit or you will have your playoff ticket included if it is not already included. I wouldn't sweat it as far as the money goes, but if you want to be frustrated that you will only have 8 regular season home games instead of 9 thats different. I've taken the opportunity to get Montreal weekends away for Dogs games but not everyone can do that. Hopefully there will be a system in place that we can get tickets or the Cats Claws organize something

I'm waiting for the announcement...

"Season Ticket Holders may apply their ticket refunds to the cost of their playoff tickets now in this convenient options for fans. If you DO wish an immediate refund, please fill out the following form. Otherwise, you need do nothing."

That sounds reasonable

I would have thought that the league would have left this game until the following season when work is being done on the stadium. One less home game to worry about. Maybe time left for a change of plans.

I dont want an extra ticket, or a refund!! I want our HOME games to be at OUR stadium this is the last year for Ivor Wynne and ALL home games should be played here this year! Do this next year in 2012! NOT FAIR to the season ticket holders guys! :frowning:

Did you think maybe the Stamps might be the home team, and we'll be the home team next year as the stadium build happens? In fact, now that the stadium issue is resolved, perhaps they'll put it off for us this year.

Not likely, Stamps home game revenues vs Ticats home game revenues make us a certainty to be the home team. Like the Argos we will actually benefit financially by playing this game in Moncton. Its a win/win for the league and the Ticats but a lose for Ticat fans that want to see the Stamps at home

All that should matter is the fans this year, we have been threw enough now to loose a home game im VERY VERY didappointed in this!

In fairness to the League, discussions about who would give up their home game to go to Moncton this year were probably held at a time last year when the assumption was that the new Stadium would be a new stadium at a new location, rather than a rebuilt IWS that necessitates a season on the road.

"In fairness to the League" you say, what about the fans that stood by the team though out this whole stadium issue not knowing if they where going to stay or go from one week to the next!! Like i said this is the last season at ivor wynne and the team SHOULD NOT give up a home game, think of the fans for once!!