I hate to abuse my season tickets, but I can't back you guys in the next home game. As long as we can mathematically make the playoffs, I'm going to cheer for my team. I'm with you again on Nov. 6th. And if you're going to throw anything at me, please use those "Sealy Sheep" or mini touchdown footballs. I'll be the one in the White "Yeast" jersey, if you see me say hi.

By the way, what ever happened to "Dancing Pauly"?

Thats hang him!

See you at the game!



After the Ottawa loss, I hope you guys win on Friday. I’m still going to cheer for the tabbies, but I know you need the points in the standings more than we do. Good luck.

Yeast#5 sew your jerseys together!

.....see you at the game Yeasty......

This Ticats game is a must win for the Stamps to secure the playoffs. Ottawa is just one win away from the playoff spot now and they also play Hamilton. :?

You did not mention that we have played less games then any one else oh ya you forgot that one!

That's okay anyway, we've got a few easy games to go still.. like the Edmonton Inconsistkimos.

I actually have a Garcia jersey that I were to every other game, so I could pull it off! lol

Go Ti-Cats Go!!!

Go Cats Go............

Sorry Piggy for your team it is next year country!

congrats, stamp fans, you folks have waited long enough to get back to the post season, although your not quite there yet but it is looking pretty good for ya......we still get a chance to play spoiler when we host you here so we will see what happens......

That was a good win. Except for 3 dinks at half time, once again everyone was real good sports about me being there all Ti-Cat'ed out. I love watching football at McMahon. Time to get my Garcia jersey out for the last game. It will be an exciting game, plus it's "Jersey's Off Our Back Night." It's alway nice to see all those guys sitting in the company paid for Super Red seats who are at their first game ever, that showed up at half time win all the jersey's except for one guy who's actually been loyally buying Stamps season tickets his whole life gets a jersey in a sad attempt to make it look like the night wasn't fixed. Friggin' right I'm bitter! 6 years of that bologna!

You are right piggy, and your team is like Calgary was last year so not much to fix other then a maturing QB and a couple of good receivers ( do not let Milt retire).

I think they should drqaw seat numbers through out the stadium to accomplish this. Have you contacted the Stampeder office about your feelings. If they do not know they can not fix it. Go to www.gostampsgo.com register and try and contact Ted Hellard on the site with this issue. He views and takes part in the discussion on that site.