Ti-Cats stadium deal for 2013...

Due to demolition and rebuild of Ivor Wynne Stadium the Ti-cats will play their 2013 home games at the University of Guelph Alumni Stadium, with a possibility of playing a game at the University of Moncton or Western. It is expected that temporary seating will be added to the stadium to bring the number of seats to around 15,000. Could you imagine if Hamilton earns the right to host a playoff game next year? I wonder if the CFL would allow a playoff game to be played at such a small venue?

They could play in Moncton if its a playoff game or Rogers Centre

I don’t think the league would sanction a playoff game in Moncton unless the University of Moncton stadium could be expanded to 25-30,000 seats and I don’t think the league or Ti-Cats would foot the bill for that. They would probably have to play a playoff game at Rogers Center. But then again I could be completely mistaken.


Unless they priced the seats twice what they would normally charge. ie 15,000 fans paying $120 average is equivalent to 30,000 fans paying $60 average

It's like the debate over the Bills in Buffalo, the average ticket price in Buffalo is around $60 but the Bills can get $150 average per ticket in Toronto. So at 50,000 seats times $150 the Bills can make a lot more money than 70,000 at $60

It's all about the REVENUE not how many bums are in the seats

mikem------You keep quoting this garbage about how the Bills got/will get $150 per seat in Toronto , from your previous posts you challenge folks who do not supply a source or proof for their information ------you on the other hand continue to spew this reterick about the Bills /Rogers deal ------It is widely known for those of that actually live in Ontario that Rogers has in the past , papered the joint for the Bills preseason and regular season games -----please provide proof that 52000 folks paid or will pay $150 per ticket to a Bills game in Toronto via financial statements or please just drop the B.S.---It's getting old---- another point is why would someone pay $150 for every seat in Rogers centre when a lot of them are endzone and in the 500 level -------if you are talking averages then that means that some of the seats would be $200-300 dollars to acheive your figure. Have a nice day.

The Bills have sold on average 18,000 tickets per game, thats it. Dave perkins in the Star confirmed this and so has Bob McCown on the Fan 590. It's a well know fact, that Rogers has to paper the house

It's going to be costly for the 'Cats. Prices for season holders are the same for the next two years. With Guelph being smaller....