Ti-Cats sign Chris Leak

Tiger-Cats sign Quarterback Chris Leak

Just saw it on the homepage. This is certainly interesting. Looks like the Cats are set at QB...

Casey Printers Texas Christan University
Richie Williams Appalachian State
Quinton Porter Boston Collage
Cris Leak Florida State
Timmy Chang Hawaii

Competition is always good, and WHEN Casey pouts there will be some depth in the wings.

geez, is Obie trying to corner the market on QB's? :slight_smile:

Well he making a Competitive camp
Something Hamilton has had in years…

Really? Tell me when...

Why would they not bring in o-lineman. They try and build there team around Lumsden and Printers but noone to block for them.

Hamilton has a pretty good O-line actually, made up of good Canadian talent, anchored by two mammoth Americans. I don't know what you watched last year, but they certainly opened up holes for Jesse and Terry last year. Pass defense could use a bit of work, and it will get better.

Patience my friend. Rome wasn't built in a day (and there wasn't a 5 year plan for that either!).

Yep, Hamilton's o-line is adequate. Remember they had Maas for the first third of the season and he's a statue back there. If they found some DB's and a couple receivers, they might not be so bad.

Leak, a 6-0, 207-pound --- NOT tall enough for nfl, Certainly put up some big numbers in Collage. Looks like Bob O may have found a natural CFl qb.time will tell , one or two seasons from now.

wow, I thought dude was gonna sign somewhere in the nfl again