Ti-Cats sign Avon Cobourne

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/article/486181--ticats-sign-free-agent-rusher-cobourne]http://www.thespec.com/sports/article/4 ... r-cobourne[/url]

Great news, also like the signing of Daniel Francis

wow. the tabbies just improved big time!
just need a kicker now.

I saw a tweet by Arash Madani that Cobourne is getting $55,000 upfront from the Ticats.

55 000 signing bonus, up to 130 000$ including performance bonuses.
This is a pretty big pickup on Hamilton's part.

You think the Ti-Cats should put a bid in for Damon Duval, if he's still available?

Pass, he can't kick or punt.Trade for Medlock.

Or just wait for Medlock to be released when the Esks have to release a bunch of guys because they are over the cap.

That works too, don't they have like 16 kickers right now anyways? :lol:

I hope this was a joke...

Anyway, this is huge for the Cats. Congrats! :thup:

interesting move. glenn,stala,bruce,knowlton,coburne + your fa signings.. wouldnt surprise me if u guys were one of the 3 or 4 teams who in a month or so will be releasing some players because u are over the salary cap. bet hamilton, sask, edmonton and possibly calgary are way over at the moment. losing tisdale hurts u guys tho cuz regardless what anyone says, he was your best db last season.

Well they will release Cobbs... Ticats were below the cap last year so they were able to differ stuff like Stala's bonus and various others. They also loss at lost six guys to FA. They can afford their players. Obilovich is no Tillman. I understand Mack's excuse is that he's waiting for players to fall out of the sky. Dont drink the koolaid again :slight_smile:

It'll be interesting to see what Cobourne can do without the AL's Line. I doubt he'll reach 900 yards again, and average over 5 yards per carry.

u really dont think several teams are over the cap? c'mon man thats just being ignorant. ill believe the guy who has probably seen or atleast has a better guess as to where teams are sitting cap wise over a guy who posts on this forum.

Right now no one is over the cap, the goal right now is to bring as much talent to camp as you can. Financial decisions are made at the end of training camp and by then Mack would be many, many months behind is what I'm saying. We'll see still early days. I just think Mac's excuse does not hold water, just my opinion not trying to be ignorant...cheers.

No they aren't. They are made in the next month when bonuses start coming due and GMs have to decide whether to pay them or not. Plus there are limits on roster size for the off-season and TC.

I'm with Killer regarding who knows what's going on cap-wise. Mack has access to the real numbers of all contracts filed so if he says that teams are currently over the cap with the larger roster size then I would consider his opinion to be a lot more informed than yours.

But no team is going to get fined for being over the cap in February, March, or even in Training Camp for that matter. Each team has until the season starts to get their cap issues worked out.

But the teams have to start planning for that long before the start of the season. Teams always make sure they leave enough cap space open during the season in case of injuries, new signings, etc. By TC it's more tinkering with the numers to take into account players who surprised and disappointed. Bonuses paid now go against the 2011 cap and have to be factored in as well as raises to players already under contract. Plus teams will be bringing in new players for TC and room has to be made for them. We all know that the rosters today will not be the same as they are when TC starts.

What makes you or anyone else think that teams aren't planning to get under the cap?

I keep seeing the argument that Joe Mack knows more than armchair posters on this forum. I find it an insulting argument, and a cop-out, but hey, let's run with it. Who are you to say that any other team is over the cap? I'll take the opinions of CFL GMs over a bunch of guys posting on this forum.

You see how annoying that type of 'reasoning' is?

Your post doesn't make sense. For one, I didn't say anywhere that teams weren't planning to get under the cap. That's exactly what I am saying they have to do and the planning starts even before the previous season ends.

And the reason Joe Mack and every other GM in the league know more about cap issues and who is close to or over the cap has to do with the fact that they KNOW what teams are signing other players for because they can access that information from league offices while armchair posters can only GUESS what the numbers are. I find it annoying that armchair posters think they know more than GMs do about the contracts of every player in the league.