Ti-Cats short on RB's

I dont see any other backs being capable of taking it the distance on any play.

Terry Caulley is a replaceable type of back, he's a grinder and not really a big play guy. I like him but a guy like Jesse is very rare in this league.

I think most, if not all, the starting RBs in the CFL have the capability to take it to the house on any given play. Whitlock took one 60 yards to the house last year, for example. Lumsden was able to as well, but to say he was the only one isn't true.

I always said this team would never go anywhere with Caulley as lead back.

Well I will say this, there aren't too many players who have an initial season as good as Cobb and if he duplicates or improves his performance from last year, without question we have one of the league's best running backs. Lets take a look at last season's starters and expected starters.

Fred Reid - Without question the best RB in the league, he's practically carried Winnipeg's offense last season.

Arkee Whitlock - I'd say is number 2, he really gave a lot to Edmonton and kept them in the running for a while.

Martel Mallet has left for the Eagles so he is out

I'd give Joffrey Reynolds a slight edge over De'Andra Cobb for the #3 spot given his experience and size. However if Cobb improves even slightly it's too close to call who owns this position.

Avon Colbourne while a great running back, I feel is overrated. Mainly this is due to just how good Montreal's O.Line and Anthony Calvillo are. I mean he's great and all, but it's hard not to be when your QB is the best QB in CFL history and the two of you are sitting behind one of the best O.Lines in the league.

Jamal Robertson I think suffers from the opposite problem, being not having a solid O.Line or QB with Toronto..should be interesting to see what he can do with BC.

Wes Cates - He's ok, nothing great and really Saskchewan's strength last year was their receiving core.

I haven't seen anything of Toronto's running backs this year, I believe they are fielding rookies and an ex NFL practice roster player. Unsurprising though given Toronto is in rebuild mode, they really made a huge mistake giving up Bruce for next to nothing.

Now that all being said, the Cats have excellent depth in the receiver department, and except for Montreal I feel, has the best 2nd string QB in Porter (he just needs to get more consistent and read more of the field). Running back though we are a bit scarce. If Cobb gets hurt, I don't think Kenton Keith or Tre Smith are going to be exceptional. Lumsden is fairly good, but he has had issues with injuries. I'd pick him up if his price was low, but I suspect that the money Jesse might be looking for, I think I would find it more likely if the Argos picked him up to provide a bit of experience to their incredibly young team.

So blackandgold is now quoting people but not saying a word of his own..