Ti-Cats short on RB's

With Keith released it looks like it's Cobb or bust.

Only 3 RB on roster.

RB - Cobb, DeAndra'
RB - Sadeghian, Andre
FB - Brown, Darcy

Will Lumsden make a return?

Not as a running back. I believe O'Billovich said his only interest in Jesse would be as a FB, but you never know...

At this point he should be paying us to sign him though lol. :lol:

The Cats recently signed two running backs: Brian Calhoun (Wisconsin) and Jhamal Fluellen (Maine). They also drafted Sam Fournier(Laval) a fullback. There will probably be one or two more backs signed before training camp. I think Cobb and whoever will be fine this year. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

You need to look at the roster again. There are 5 and it will be 6 once they sign the FB they drafted this year. You obviously do not follow CFL media as Obie was very vocal about NOT being interested in Lumsden.

My bad. I assumed CFL.ca roster list was as up to date as the Ti-cat homepage. Not the case.

CFL.ca only shows three. I need to dig deeper :wink:

I really hope Cobb has the same season that he had last year.

Why??? My expectations are even greater of him this year than last year. He should easily rush for 1500yards and gain another 5-600 in receiving yards. With the continuity of the lineup and a years experience, COBB has a chance to be the best RB in the league this year.

Dont set your expectations so low...To be honest, everyone on this team can be better. And 9-9 record, is nothing to brag about. Seems we've gotten so used to losing we've forgotten what real expectations are.

Last year at this time no one had ever heard of Cobb, so who knows what will come out of the new RB's.
Everyone was excited about Keith and Caulley!


The Cats should bring Jesse to camp. He may get injured again, but the upside if he does not get injured is too great to pass up. Big mistake if he does not come to Catville.

Go Bruins!!!


Havent signed him yet.

The Cats are crazy not to look into Jesse L. Cobb as half back and Jesse at FB and tight end would be a deadly combo. Having those 2 going into cold weather in the fall and Grey Cup in Edmonton would get us over the hump. Hurry up and sign him!

Go Cats!

Maybe you should apply for the Ticat GM job. You're good! :roll:

There are way better FA's worth pursuing out there... Lenny Walls... Ian Smart..
JL isn't one of them.His time in football is done, he doesn't come cheap and he'd suck as a FB.Pass.

Why is it only in Hamilton that people go crazy for Jesse Lumsden? Because he's from Burlington? Because he went to McMaster? Lumsden ain't coming back, and we don't need him in any role. It's time to move on.

Word is he doesnt want to play in the CFL. It's kharma paying back obie for snatching up Bruce for a guy who was a pain to sign.

Because he's a damn good back when healthy, i dont care where he's from, i'd still want him if he was from russia or Baghdad, i could care less.

we all know that's a lie...
If he wasn't Canadian people would have forgotten all about him.

I'm not a flag sucker. I really dont care where someone is from, I want him here because he's the only back in the league capable of busting it the distance from anywhere on the field on any play.

So is Terry Caulley, but I don't here people begging for us to re-sign him.

The only back? C'mon, you know that's not true at all.

Maybe it's not you personally, but it seems to me the only reason anyone gives two craps about Lumsden is because of his passport. Guys like Joe Smith and Charles Roberts accomplished more, yet I never here anyone saying the Cats should bring those guys in. The Cats just cut a player in Kenton Keith because he couldn't stay healthy, yet Keith has produced a lot more than Lumsden, and no one was saying the team should have kept him.

I know we all want Canadians to succeed in the CFL. But they hype for Lumsden has always overmatched his actual output. He failed because of injury. If he was one of the myriad of American players who had failed for the same reason, no one would ever talk about them, especially if they had accomplished as little as Lumsden has.