Ti-Cats/Riders 2

You know, I actually feel pretty good about this game. If we’ve learned anything from the Riders this season is that they only like playing 45 minutes of football. If we can keep it close, we’ll be sitting pretty when the Riders call it a day at the end of the 3rd quarter. McManus wouldn’t have improved in one week, but hopefully he won’t be as bad as usual.

…if there’s anything Barrett is going to do this week for preparing it’s drilling into his team 60 minutes of fball…I don’t somehow think you’re going to see the riders pack it in after 45 in their own house…

…that being said, I think any team is capable of being beat, and the mighty riders are no different…here my take…

…key #1: shut down Holmes…take away this guy’s lanes, he is not a power runner like Keith, he is a juke-and-jive runner…give him an open field and you’re in big trouble…plug up the holes at the line and force everything out…

…key #2: cover the midfield well…Greene has shown great competence in the 5 to 10 yard dump pass…and this seems to be his favorite weapon to date…if the pass is caught then your LBs need to make sure that receiver thinks twice about extending himself the next time to make the catch…

…key#3: get into McCallum’s head, if there’s any space left…I don’t abide with the notion that a kicker makes or breaks a team but he is missing consistently and costing his team points on the board…

…hope you guys beat Sask, I really do, but it’ll be a hell of a game regardless…

Actually, Yeast - last week we played 55 minutes of football. Your boys had best practice their hurry-up offense, eh? However, even if the Riders play 59 minutes, you could still take it in that last minute, if past history serves up any lessons.

Well I think it should be a good game. I hope the cats can pull off a win.

Well, they’re hungry - that’s certain. I’m not counting out the Cats by any stretch. It’ll be a good one - Cats want it, and Riders have something to prove. Can’t wait. I wish your boys luck, but I’m hoping for the other team! :slight_smile:

It should be a blowout just like the Winnipeg game. There just to good at home. I cannot see Hamilton coming into Saskatchewan(a hostile environment) and winning. If they do I’ll probably cry.

Don’t count your chickens, ChrisW. . .Nothing in this league is a sure thing. The past three weeks should have illustrated that perfectly.

Exactly jm02. Look at the Als. They are supposed to be untouchable at the beginning of the season. Ottawa did the unthinkable and Edmonton pushed them around like they were nothing.

The Riders haven’t looked unbeatable. They’ve looked good. After some great plays to start the game against the Bombers the Riders looked good. Just good. You we not good against us the first time. You just happened to be less bad than us. And we still came back. And the Toronto games was just embarrassing for the Riders. Choking isn’t even a strong enough word to describe what happened there. I don’t know why Rider fans think there team is so good. The Riders are average at best. That’s why we can beat them. I’m glad there is excitement in Sask. but the Roughriders are not as good as people are making them out to be.

Nope - not unbeatable at all. Yes, Greene was awarded offensive player of the week, and he went 31-39 (pretty good), but if he tries those short 5-6 yard pitches against other teams, we’re done. I agree - the Riders have a good team, but not a great one. We are beatable, but don’t let other Rider fans know I’ve said that. Our secret, okay? :oops:

Hey, I think Greene is awesome. I wanted Burris to re-sign so the Ti-Cats would go after Greene. I’ve liked him from his first days in Edmonton. I think you should be proud of Nealon. I would.

this is a lead pipe sinch for the riders they don’t lose very often
at taylor field and this time they will play 60 minutes of football
and win big.! :idea:

All other things being equal, I’d normally pick the Roughies over the Tabbies. But with Dominguez, Keith and Davis out, things are not equal. The Riders are battered from multiple injuries and probably a little deflated from letting the Argos steal last week’s game, while the Tiger-Cats are fresh, well-rested and probably aching to avenge their miserable performance two weeks ago. So I’ll go ahead and pick the Tiger-Cats by a VERY slim margin – maybe three points.

Ya there well rested, but the only problem is there QB Mcmanus is never well rested. He looks like he has no energy at all out there. And Yeast#5 I’am very proud of Greene I think he deserved it no matter what people say. He was my favorite QB when he was in Edmonton, and now that he’s running the show in Saskatchewan again I think we have a better shot at the Grey Cup than ever.

Riders 38
Hamilton 17

People keep saying Nealon could not pass like that against teams like B.C, Edmonton or Montreal. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Torontos’ defense one of the best in the league. Especially in the secondary, in fact they may have the best secondary in the league. The other three teams may be strong but thats because of there offensive power. They do not rely on their defense to win games. But Toronto does. So having said that I think Greene played pretty damn well.

…but short dump passes for 5 to 10 yards don’t test secondaries, they test LBs…

Well it worked, except for the meltdown the riders had in the fourth quarter. That game was Saskatchewans for the taking. Either way you look at it Greene executed the gameplan to perfection.

I have to agree Nealon needs to show more IMO. Sooner or later defenses will pick off thse short passes for 7 the other way it is a matter of time. The short dump passes are high per centage passes they pad the stats but can kill you.

I wouldn’t count on the Roughriders playing 60 minutes. If the western final last year didn’t teach them anything, or the near blown game against Hamilton 2 weeks ago, what makes anyone think that they would take a lesson from last week’s choke job? This is a team incapable of learning from their mistakes, probably because Danny Barrett refuses to hold anyone accountable including Richie Hall, who runs a “prevent” defence perfectly. It prevents winning :slight_smile:

The reason the short passes are in the game plan is for the ball control offence, they play that way to eat up the clock before scoring “when they do”.

Thats one thing I love about the Riders game plan is that they control the clock in 90% of the games they play which is one of the factors to winning a game.

Not always “IE last week” but most of the time it helps big.