Ti-Cats release wide receiver Jones

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Yup , it’s true the team has released wr Jones…Brian that is , not Mike . :wink:

This release could mean a number of things really

#1…That Coombs is ready to go and the team needs the roster space .

#2…That draft pick Ungerer is ready to go and might be activated .

#3…That maybe B.Jones just wasn’t good enough.

#4…All of the above


Or, is Marcus Davis, finally, a possibility? I can’t recall the last time I heard, or read anything about him. The one memory of Brian being a TiCat Jones boy will be his burst of speed to make the final block on Frankie Williams’ punt return TD against SSK.

I’m thinking #1 and #3. Coombs can play a variety of positions making him versatile and B. Jones expendable.


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Is Ungerer dressed for practices/practicing? Does anyone who attends practices know? Does anyone know what Ungerer’s injury is? Why is this info such a mystery?

I think the release of Brian Jones (who was a noticable contributor on special teams) means Coombes has impressed coaches enough during practices that Coombes won Jones’ roster spot. I bet we see Coombes returning kicks at the very least against Montreal Friday.

The spot on the Active Roster, open with the release of B. Jones, has been filled with INT OL Kevin Palmer, who has been on the Injured List for the first two games. Source: cfl.ca/transactions - June 26

I thought that maybe with the signing of Coombs, Jones became expendable. Jones (Brian) from what I understand was signed because of his ability to play STs. Not sure if this is true of Coombs - aside from maybe returning punts/kicks - but there are already at least three players on the active roster who can do that - Williams, Banks and Adeleke (would love to see him on a return or two!)

Anyway there’s limited space on the roster and in the SMS - can’t “hide” too many players on the one game IL. Maybe Jones will catch on with another team who can use some national depth.

My guess is that he winds up in the grave yard of the CFL more commonly known as Montreal .

Strange. With the depth chart for Game 3 now out, Palmer has been, once again, been put back on the 1-Game Injured List. Coombs and INT WR Jalin Marshall are included in the active 46 against MTL replacing Brian Jones (released earlier) and Josh Crockett, who’s been put on the 6-Game Injured List.