ti-cats release JONES

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HAMILTON (CP) - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have released veteran quarterback Khari Jones on the same day they signed import quarterback Kevin Eakin on Wednesday.

Jones, the CFL's Most Outstanding Player in 2001, joined the Ticats as a free agent on July 26th. The former Blue Bomber, Stampeder and Eskimo dressed for eight games as the backup quarterback in Hamilton, throwing for 406 yards and two touchdowns.

"It was time," Ticats head coach Greg Marshall told the Toronto sports radio station The Fan 590. "You know if we were fighting for a playoff spot then he'd be one of the guys that we would look to."

Eakin, a six-foot, 219-pound import, completed 105 of his 180 pass attempts for the Frankfurt Galaxy of NFL Europe last season. Eakin, 24, finished with 1,299 passing yards and 11 touchdowns in 10 games.

"We believe that Kevin possesses many of the qualities needed to be a successful quarterback in this league," Marshall said in a release. "He's got a great arm, quick feet and strong leadership abilities."

Eakin attended training camp with the New York Jets and was one of the team's final cuts earlier this month.

Jones, 34, was the league's top player in 2001 when his Winnipeg Blue Bombers went 14-4 in 2001 and made an appearance in the Grey Cup. He led the CFL that year with 4,545 passing yards and threw for 30 touchdowns.

In 2002, he bettered both marks, throwing for 5,334 and a Bombers club record of 46 passing touchdowns.

Jones was traded to Calgary with four games left in the 2004 season

Why Do I Get The Feeling That This Eakin Guy Is Going To Be Another Tee Martin Bust. I Think Right Now Marcus Brady Is The Future QB Of That Team.

Why do I get the feeling that K.Jones will be the QB of the new tenth team or the QB of Toronto?

We Could Really Use Him As A Backup, Or Trade Him And Avery To Edmonton For Maas For Next Season. I’m Scared If Maas Stays As A Backup For Much Longer He Won’t Beable To Preform Once It’s Time For Him To Play Where Ever That Is.

Hello Montreal fans......Who do you like as backup?

Ted White
Khari Jones

The choice is obvious.....

This was a stupid move by Hamilton as far as I'm concerned. Khari has played better than McManus this season, but they still stand by the old man. To me it looks like they were just using him as an easy scapegoat for recent troubles with the O, even though they barely ever let him play.

Why did the Cats drop him? he was pretty good for them. I guess now they will go with Brady after Mac retires.

With luck, they can continue their Cup per decade run or…

Greg Marshall must be confident he's going to get Jason Maas. Although.. I want Avery back (I really, really do) and that is why I want Jason Maas to sign an extension with the Eskimos but be traded in kind of like a sign-and-trade deal, with Toronto. (Happens in the NBA lots)

Avery? I thought he didn’t like cold weather. Didn’t he complain last year about the cold weather in Calgary?

Anyone wanna place any bets that the Renegades add Jones to their 6 mile long list of negotiations?????????

Before or after Joe Montana, Sonny Jurgenson, and Joe Kapp?

LMAO...... I think it's somewhere around Barry Sanders, John Madden or William "The Fridge" Perry!

Dumbest move the Ticats could make. They are almost most definately out of playoff contention. Mcmanus wasnt the answer at the begginning of the season and obviously he isnt now either. I thought Jones did well when they let him play. Better then Mcmanus anyways. But they just keep sticking to Mcmanus and ive been sick and tired of it since last year. And im even more sick and tired of it this year. They need to get rid of Mcmanus (hopefully he will announce his retirement after the year is over but then again who knows with him) They also need to get rid of Lancaster that old coot depends way to much on mcmanus the team isnt the problem I think they have a good team. They just need a good QB who wont throw interceptions all the time (especially on the last drive of a football game going for the win or the tie) Another problem is the management. GET RID OF LANCASTER HES DOEN AND SO IS MCMANUS

I wonder if Khari ever heard the old song 'Travelin Man'.....third team this year.....and usually it's three strikes and you're out.....but maybe not for a real classy guy... like Jones......Mont.... as someone mentioned could use him as a back-up for the playoffs....failing that I would like to see him go for the broadcasting job he was rumoured to be taking....maybe TSN. or radio in the Peg. :roll:

If Jones signed back with Winnipeg how he'd be recieved by Bomber fans and if we need him since Glenn is 3rd in QB Efficiantcy

I would like to see MOntreal grab him.
I think that Hamilton should well for lack of a bettrer term bench Danny Mac and give some serious playing time to Brady and Jones

Me thinks his playing days are over.......

What about the Riders heck he is much bette then Nylon!

While Gesser did okay, I would think Calgary could use him again. Where ever he goes, I wish him well. He always seemed like a class act to me.

NO Calgary will not go with him they are working with their rookies for a reason and that is for the future.
Ya Jones is a classy guy and deserves better no doubt. I figured the Riders could use him because I really do not think Nealon nor Butler will do it for them. If Crandell sags here and they bring Nylon back yikes slide time.