Ti-Cats release Cobb and Floyd

A person never Wants to see someones career end too soon for any reason. But I just don't see anyone signing Cobb. If anyone does, it probably be practice roster of backup at best. If he stays in shape and in the game, maybe Ottawa.

I think he will not have a big choice...if he wants to play, he is not getting a big contract. Sign a couple years, hope your game turns around and then you get rewarded. I still believe he could be great with the right RB coach. He had pretty good instincts in 2009...why the change? A RB coach needs to beat that out of him.

LOL, that was good.

He spent TC/Pre-season with the cats last year and didn't really do a whole lot.

I was excited about the signing of him at the time because of his combination of size and speed.

Most teams, with the exception of Montreal, have established starters at the running back positions, so I doubt any of them would offer Cobb too much money at this point. But were I to be Cobb, I'd sure stay in shape, and stay close to the phone. As soon as a team's running back suffers an injury, Cobb would likely be the first guy to get a call. That said, unless the Als bring in him to join the other RBs they have in camp to compete for the starting RB job in replacement of Cobourne, I don't believe any team will sign him before training camp. But, like I said, if, say, Robertson gets injured in BC, Wally will be on the phone to Cobb's agent.

IMO B.C. is a bad example. I think they would feel okay with Messam, Davis and Lee all sharing the backfield.

I think Montreal, Toronto and Saskatchewan could be potential teams for Cobb. But i agree with in that he likely won't be invited a training camp (Unless Popp gives him a call).

On reflection, jordan, yes it was a bad example I gave.

And I think we're in agreement that the only team that might call Cobb in for training camp is Montreal. If they don't, I agree that Toronto if Boyd goes down would be likely. Not sure about the Riders, they've got Charles behind Cates, so they might be more like BC. But Winnipeg doesn't have a solid backup if Reid goes down, do they?

Unproven would be a better word than solid. Last season would you have said that Edmonton didn't have a solid back-up to Whitlock? Porter hadn't been on their roster for long but he stepped up and played really well when Whitlock went down.

Chris Garrett joined the Bombers just before the Banjo Bowl IIRC but only got into the last game against Calgary as an RB (he also returns kick-offs). He had 82 yards on 13 carries and looked pretty good. He's one of the reason why Yvenson Bernard was expendable. Alex Henderson (rookie from Northern Arizona) will also be at camp.

I don't think the Bombers would be interested in Cobb unless Garrett, Henderson and whoever else Joe Mack can find weren't able to do the job.