Ti-Cats release Cobb and Floyd

I guess Cobb was expected. :lol: Floyd is a little interesting.


The only explanation I can think of is cap room. Cobb wasn't that bad. He was the 4th best back in the league in terms of his numbers.

Yeah, but he became expendable when the Cats signed Cobourne.

I'm not surprised about Floyd. It would seem he isn't ready to retire yet.

ya, Floyd I can see not playing anymore..

Cobb is done, why? because everyone has a running back.

...I'm sure Floyd will get a call from Marshall in riderville...He knows him quite well but their roster might be getting a little crowded :roll:

I wouldn't mind the Als inviting Cobb to training camp. The more bodies we have to fight it out for the starting tailback spot, the better.

I'm not sure we need Floyd. We have a plethora of quality linebackers.

Cobb's numbers are a bit deceiving. Last year he seem to have a problem with stopping at line waiting for a bigger hole to open up, and he got a lot of carries but for very short yardage. The other issue is Cobb isn't exactly big enough to be a great blocking RB and there were a lot of bootlegs to him that really shouldn't have been dropped. The other problem is now that the Cat's have signed Avon Cobourne, they have Marcus Thigpen on special teams and as a back RB. I think Cobb might be able to get signed by another team as a backup running back, but it all depends on how much he'll count towards the cap. That and who is the Al's RB now?

As far as Otis Floyd, he's getting older (34 years young) and he took a few dumb penalties last year (especially vs BC) and the team likely feels that Renauld Williams is an upgrade. As far as Floyd is concerned, not sure. He may opt for retirement, he may opt to sign with another team. He certainly is still talented and offers a good capacity to teach younger backs a thing or two.

The current candidates are:

Brandon Whitaker (Cobourne's backup last year)
Yvenson Bernard (signed from Winnipeg)
Emmanuel Marc (unproven)
Ahmad Green (ex-Green Bay Packer, played in UFL last year)

Can't see the Riders cutting Omarr Morgan & signing Floyd. You've got to think their salaries are similar.

All-in-all, a decent group. I suspect Bernard will come out of it as the starter.

Ah, thanks for the correction. Marc's name looked familiar to me but I had no idea where from. :slight_smile:

To me, it's a two-horse race between Whitaker and Bernard. But the beauty is that a star is born at running back every season. Nobody knew who Cory Boyd was last year at this time.

Wasn't Emmanuel Marc in Winnipeg's camp in 2009? Blue Bomber fans......help us out here.

Riders won't go find someone old and expensive when they can bring in 3 or 4 players 10 years younger for the same price.

2009 BC Lions - invitee to training camp
released on June 29th (see page 4)

2010 Winnipeg - article should read: 'Marc participated in BC's training camp in 2009...'

He was one of the last cuts from the Bombers TC in 2010, not 2009. He then signed with the Als and went on their PR.

You do know that Taman is your GM right?

Mike Kelly was wrong again LOL ! Otis CFL carreer was longer than Kelly.

Awesome !

Im interested to see what Brian Calhoun does as a RB. He is super quick

I remember watching him in a bowl game years ago, and he dominated an Auburn Defense. If I can recall he has had injury problems. As for Cobb, I think he would complement Boyd really well, but not sure what type of $$ he would be looking for to be a backup.