Ti-cats re-structure DeAngelis' contract

[url=http://mobile.twitter.com/ArashMadani/statuses/33310192653447168]http://mobile.twitter.com/ArashMadani/s ... 2653447168[/url]. So much for getting a new kicker, but I'm surprised Sandro was willing to do this. [b]Hopefully[/b] he can rebound this season.

I'd take that with a grain of salt. Madani's track record isn't the best.

I'll fall off my chair laughing if that turns out to be true.

Yeah, we get to keep the guy that can't kick at IWS!!!
C'mon TD Atlantic!!! Then he only has to blank out in 9 games instead of 10 :roll:

thats ten games asuming you make the playoffs. man, that guy was terrible last year. he shoud have stayed in calgary. but he wasnt well liked in the locker room. and im pretty happy with the developement of maver. and we got some good cap room. i got to be honest, with the way he left calgary, i liked seeing him struggle at first... but then the fun wore off. i hope this year it gets better. man... hamilton... where food players go to suck. sandro, printers, mass...

No more excuses for D Lo produce or go home. :rockin:


Have you tried the food at Ivor Wynne? He's right!

Sorry. Posting from a callphone sux. I meant where good players go to suck

One had to do a double-take, but most readers would have got it. :lol: It was a funny error though :stuck_out_tongue: