Ti-Cats re-sign DT Ted Laurent

wow....quite a lofty goal for a DT, even being a National DT...

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Laurent’s people are floating 300k. He won’t get that, but he’s 230+. #CFLFA #CFL

Does he thinks that he will play QB? An overrated player? I would sign a Cleyon Laing before/ahead of him. Has he ever helped a CFL team to win the Grey Cup? He will have to reduce his demands by 25% or so.

With such demands, I understand why Hamilton will let him go. If Toronto can't re-sign Laing, Hamilton should try to sign him.


He's been pretty quiet in the offseason and has from what I hear taken issue with some of the claims out there about his demands in the last couple of months. Really, if this was the case and he was firm in his demands you'd think Austin would have said no thanks by now and moved on to trying to sign some of the other pending FAs and would have a plan in place to move on. The fact that Austin hasn't moved seems to suggest he's still focused on building his free agent class around Laurent. Even if the figure is real, it's only a negotiating starting point and it makes sense to set up a high bar and work your way down. If he set the bar at $250K the first offers coming in would be much lower and so would whatever figure he settles on.

Problem with Laing is his penchant for taking bad penalties and he's got a bit of a rep as a dirty player. Still, he'd be a good consolation prize for someone.

Wow, tells us how you feel Richard :lol:

Your basing this off a tweet.... We have no details, if a team inquired with his agent what it would take to get Ted to sign a 3 year deal with a team that has missed the post season, that price might very well be inline.

Welcome to Twitter journalism.

I feel good HfxTC.


Good stuff Richard. :lol:

First Question - No
Second Question - No
Third Question - Would be a Yes

Played a very great game in the 2014 Cup game, asking anything more of him Richard is unfair. Ted Laurent gave everything he had to help Hamilton win that game in a loss vs Calgary. Big Laurent in Rider Green?

I cant see another team getting Taman Syndrome and overpaying players ?
with Laurent being a national and a good one to boot, he can command a premium,
my guess is that he would top out around the $210K mark ?

Pay him. Go for it. Average player big pay. Go for it!!!

I expect BC's Buono and SSK's Jones to put in the big offers

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Word from Hamilton was that the #Ticats maintained they won’t be held up for ransom by DT @tedlaurent - via @HolderGord #CFL

An interesting recent Twitter exchange between Eric Norwood, Ted Laurent and Bryan Hall, with Norwood trying to persuade Laurent to re-sign with the Ticats. Laurent thinks quite highly of himself :slight_smile:


I'm not that familiar with Twitter so I'm not sure what the Lemon reply means.

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Looks more like its Lemon who needs Laurent more than the other way around.

Ted is a talent no doubt but I believe he has out priced himself out of the CFL. With a 5 million dollar cap that $300 takes a lot of cash out of a team roster budget. He either comes down on price or he sits and waits to be a player later in the season for the push to the playoffs.

That's just an asking price to start FA off for Laurent's talents - Ted won't be siting, he will be playing Football somewhere and that is a given. In Regina? Perhaps

$300000 for that position I do not think so. Remember buying into high end FA's will cost you somewhere else on the team and it makes it more difficult to keep your vets the following year as you ave spent a big part of your cap space. He will be sitting. The signing of this guy in that position would cause a big problem with the players in other positions as well. A QB is the only guy that will attract that kind of money.

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told @Wpg_BlueBombers spoke to Ted Laurent's agent but "were never in on him at that price tag." @cfl #CFLFA

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Likely going to come down to #Riders and #Ticats for heralded DT Ted Laurent. #CFL #CFLFA

he can anchor the defence for years. Ticats should sign him

Riders have a press conference scheduled for 3:00 PM, I wonder perhaps [IF] the signing of Big Ted Laurent?