Ti Cats practice for MTL

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Notable #Ticats returning to action: RB Grigbsy, DB Murray, RB Woodson, WR Aprile.
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#Ticats OL Joel Figueroa is also back practicing.

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Notable #Ticats not practicing today: WR Tasker, RB Gable, DBs Sears & Stephen, DEs Norwood & Tracy. #CFL

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#Ticats back to work (& me, too.)

Report From Drew Edwards

Update from Ticats practice (finally)

The Ticats were back on the field Sunday for their second practice since returning from the bye week (I was off yesterday, squeezing in one more day of vacation out of the bye week.) Here’s what’s happening.

There are still a number of high profile players not quite ready to return, including wide receiver Luke Tasker, running back C.J. Gable, defensive back Courtney Stephen and defensive end Eric Norwood. Defensive back Johnny Sears was hurt against Winnipeg and isn’t practicing and defensive end Adrian Tracy has been excused for a personal matter and is expected to return tomorrow.

A few Ticats have returned to practice, however, including running back Nic Grigbsy, defensive back Rico Murray, offensive lineman Joel Figueroa, Canadian running back Anthony Woodson as well as receivers Giovanni Aprile and Quincy McDuffie. It’s still a little early to know which of the returning players will suit up against (MTL), if any.

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Why would Norwood be practicing anyway isnt he hurt ? Murray coming back is big.

Norwood had a cut on his leg that required stitches. It may be a league or PA policy that requires the team to put him on the 6-game, but I'm too lazy to look it up if there is one. With the stitches removed around ten days (or so) ago, there's no reason for him NOT to practice.

So tell us Doctor, how deep was that cut? Was there muscle or tendon cut? All of that may have an impact on his return.

pretty sure he needs to be off the 6 game before he can practice

As Drew Edwards reported Norwood isn't quite ready to return. Nobody, outside of the team, knows when he might return. As DisploacedCatsFan said though it was reported, again by DE, that his stitches have come out, which is a positive sign that it won't be much longer before he is back in black (and gold) practising with the team.

players can be removed off the 6 game anytime their full salary counts against the cap if they come off early (I Think)

Also at Team can only re-call a player off the 6 game early only 2 times in the season.
I would think that Austin would not want to use one of them so early and save both for closer to the end of the season.


Not exactly. There is no limit as to how many times you can pull a player off the 6 game IR early. As others have noted, if you do take them off early, all payments go back to the cap retroactively. The "two times" is in relation to being able to activate 2 players from the 6 game IR if they've been on it for 7 games or longer without any penalty in relation to the CAP.

The player can begin practicing upon the conclusion of the 5th game since they were placed on the IR.

Bye weeks in regular season are not considered a game played when calculating.

Norwood comes off the 6 game IR the day after the august 3rd game versus Toronto for your information.

Details can be found here on pages 43 & 44. https://media.cfldb.ca/documents/cfl-cf ... t-2014.pdf

See, it's not that complicated at all!



Tracy not practicing ?? hope he just needed another days rest.

good to see the great Grigsby and the others back.

get better CJ

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Will be a beautiful night for a game in MTL

Thu, 16 Jul -Sunny. High 24. UV index 8 or very high.
Night Clear. Low 14.

Thanks Bob

Should also be a beautiful night on my couch...