ti-cats players get fired!!!!

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp?content=20050821_221532_4364]http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp ... 21532_4364[/url]

something needs to be done, and now it is!

]The 2003 Ticats went 0-12 before beating Saskatchewan en route to a 1-17 season. But the 2005 Cats don't play Saskatchewan again this season.

Touche. :smiley: Who's it gonna be this time around huh?

All things point to Montreal...

I’d put my money on Calgary. :smiley:

Better not be Labour Day. That would make me sick.

I'm going to cheer for them this Friday that's for sure.

sounds like the nfl mini-airlift is about to begin in Cat' ville...

I don't know if an air lift of players will fix the problem in Hamilton. I was at the Hamilton BC game, and the players seemed disinterested and lack of motivation.

I posed a question on the Ti-cats forum....Do you think the players are playing to get Marshall fired?

Food for thought.

I feel for the Ti-Cats and especially for Marshall. I hoping they win this week...

never thought of that?...hmmmm......

looks like Marshall is on the road from the penthouse....to the outhouse...

I agree Marshall has shot himself in the foot. He paces up and down screaming at the players and well it looks like they have tuned him out. Marshall needs ajob in the AFL that will suit his needs.

Tuning out the coach is a real possibility. Clearly something is wrong with the team as they all keep saying the same thing. They have a better team than the record.

The coach making the statements he is making in the media don't show signs of a healthy coach-player situation but the real issue is how does the coach and his staff work with the players. Is this a coaching issue(s) and preparation for games or performance issue on the part of players?

What I find troubling is that Marshall did not become a bad coach and the Ti-cats didn't become a team of losers overnight. So what is going on. Is this an issue of:

  1. coaching and players not prepared for opponents?
  2. management style - the head guy and/or coaches don't know how to treat players to get maximum performance? The right management style for the needs of the team can be an issue. Is Marshall a manager who is too nice one minute and is yelling the next when things go wrong? That is a bad manager. Are his coaches styles not working.
  3. lack of skilled talent - too many guys can't play at this level?
  4. team attitude - guys don't care enough to do what it takes to win?
  5. the team culture is one of low expectations and the team members aren't honest with themselves?

The problem is for a team is that they can't fire 35 or so guys but they can turf a coach or two and get that quick turnaround for a game or so that comes with a new guy coming in.

If you accepted the premise of a coaching change, then who is it? If Dave Ritchie weren't employed but he is, he'd be a good fit to get a team like that back on track.

What I find surprising is that Danny McManus was saying how good it was to be in Winnipeg all week together over going home to Hamilton. He also said that the team was all together with no one complaining.

I have seen so little of Hamilton and mostly just watching the Lions do the business that I can't really put a finger on the problems they have other than in some games missed balls. I know their corners got torched by Dave Dickenson in the first half of the game Friday. The defensive line wasn't great but then again who was over there?

You hate to see any coach lose his job as these guys all have families to feed and careers that are important to them.

Marshall's statements in that article might be signs that his faith in the players has dissipated and his expectations now aren't that great. That is a bad sign.

That I guess was foreshadowed by his pre-Lion game comments how Khari was so good during the loss to Winnipeg as he was still diving around despite being down a few TDs and what a great example he showed.

Losing brings out the true character in players and there are teams and players who when confronted with losing basically fold and go through the motions and are just waiting it out. There are two types of losers who you don't want on a team:

  1. the guys who lose and don't seem to care.
  2. the guys who lose and it is everybody but them that has to do better.
    This is not to suggest that you want a team that goes from emotional highs in winning to lows in defeat. I have never been pissed at my team losing if as a player and now as a coach, I could honestly say we played to the best of our team's ability and just couldn't get it done that day.

This may be way off the wall but they might just think of bringing back Darren Flutie. I don't know how committed he is too his wife/family to be retired but that guy would be a leader again and can work with McManus to fire up that offence. Archie Emerson I guess(?) is injured?

For the very reasons I didn't want Sean Millington to come to BC right now, I'd want to see Flutie back with the Ti-cats. He would change the mix and the chemistry and likely for the better as Ti-cats need something. In Millington's case the mix in BC didn't need changing and it might well have spoiled the broth that at 8 and 0 must be tasting pretty good right now.

If I were the GM at Hamilton, I'd be asking the coach to bring me his assessment of who he has onside with him and the coaches and who he is questioning. The bottom line - does he have the confidence of the players to turn this around.

This has to be done in an atmosphere that we all have a problem that has to be corrected and that we are going to do something to alter this situation. Ideally, the coach believes that you are not out to get his job but to work with him to find ways of improving the team's performance.

Secondly, I'd ask him for his assessment of the coaching staff and who they each have onside. Ideally he'd be given the chance to ask the coaches for this.

Third, what does he see as the positives and negatives of his team's play by O, D, and ST and overall.

Four, what does he need from the GM in new players or whatever?

Four, what are the steps he and his coaches have in mind to turn this around. This is critical as there really needs to be an action plan and strategy to get a losing team some wins.

The GM has to decide the fate of this coach and staff in whole or in part but this is a critical issue of not conveying to the team that the coach and his staff have their necks in a noose. A tough balance but necessary or the players will be in complete paralysis if they know they are participating in a death watch with the only issue for a player is avoiding the coach getting him before he is got by the GM.

After all is said and done, maybe the owner has to say to Ron Lancaster. You cooked up this brew of coaches and players and you are going to have to get in there and fix it as the interim head coach. Marshall would be done I suppose but the team might turnaround for Lancaster and get some wins.

ps. If I thought my coach had quit on the job and had no idea what to do next, I'd be offering him that scouting job for the balance of the year and tossing his butt out the door. Stress does crazy things to different people and maybe leadership style with Marshall is an issue.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

F16, I've just got to say that I quite enjoy reading your posts. Good insight.

Maybe this wouldn't do any better... but what about giving the head coach job to Dany McManus?

It worked in Toronto when the team desperately needed to gather around one well-respected guy. At first, it was believed that this was a temporary measure, as Pinball seemed unprepared to be a head coach. But four years later, he's still there and is the reigning Grey Cup champion.

DanyMac's body may slow his performances down, but his head is still completely dedicated to the game. He has experience. He's a general on the field. He's respected. He never panic. He has seen adversity as much as euphoria. He's a winner (he has been for most of his career, at least). He knows just every single player in this league. He has a sure shot at the hall-of-fame.

So with the team going absolutely nowhere, I say... Why not?

Third and ten: Great minds must think alike!!!

I was thinking that very same thing when doing my long post. I chose not to say that as Danny McManus is a guy who is a quality person and outstanding player just like guys like Joe Paopao and Mike Clemons are. Danny Barrett is not a bad guy either.

I heard Danny tell Dave Pratt on radio at 1040 that he wants to play and that he’d listen if some of his football friends told him it was time to go (I read inot that Darren Flutie as one who could be a guy to say that to him).

Danny knows the game and I think he possesses great leadership skills and could very likely make that transition. They would need a new QB quick to do that or he’d be toast shortly. It would be worth a gamble for the team but only for him if this was a deal that extended beyond this season. Timing may be so bad that he would never say yes.

Good thinking though.

Buck Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it…