Ti Cats-Pan Am Games

For some long range planning, approximately when will the 2015 CFL Schedule be released and where will the Ti-Cats play their home games during the Pan Am Games?

It usually comes out in the spring sometime. It’s only a few weeks long. I’m assuming we will be on the road and/or road game with a bye week. No big deal.

Shouldn't be much of a problem, the games are July 10th to the 26th, so the week of July 10th on the road, week of July 17th a bye week and the following week on the road.

The bigger problem will be in Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver that are hosting the FIFA Women's World Cup of Soccer June 6th to July 5th, likely that they will lose pre-season games. A number of countries are demanding that FIFA install grass for the tournament, they are launching a law suit so who knows maybe Ott/Van/Edm will have to roll up their turf and install real grass which will create huge delays and problems... :roll:

[url=http://www.si.com/soccer/planet-futbol/2014/10/31/womens-world-cup-artificial-turf-lawsuit-analysis-wwc]http://www.si.com/soccer/planet-futbol/ ... alysis-wwc[/url]
The legal case against turf

Players bringing this case highlight that all six prior Women’s World Cups and all 20 men’s World Cups have been played on grass and that the next men’s World Cup, Russia 2018, will also be played on grass, as will the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. They also insist that playing on turf in the 2015 World Cup would them cause at least three harms:

They would be forced to compete on a surface that “fundamentally alters? the way soccer is played.
They would be exposed to a heightened risk of serious injury
Their “dignity, state of mind and self-respect? would be devalued by having to play on a “second-class surface? before a global audience.

Awwww, poor Ottawa has to play somewhere else. Ticats had to relocate games, pre-sesaon and regular season for a whole season and part of the next. I'm sure those teams will manage somehow. The original poster is interested in the Ticats not Ottawa all the time.

Don't know if you had your glasses on but I did say that Hamilton is not a problem. The games are July 10th to the 26th and they only have to play one road game, a bye week and then another road game.

Ottawa all the time??? I also mentioned Vancouver and Edmonton. The reason why I mentioned it is because the schedule will be drawn up around Ottawa, Vancouver and Edmonton hosting the soccer which will likely affect Hamilton too.
How old are you? seems to be a very juvenile comment

How old are you? You are always talking about Ottawa. Have a nice day!

Edmonton is playing their home pre-season game in Fort McMurray.

could be still a bunch of snow there in June :slight_smile: