Ti-Cats Open Player Tryout

The Tiger-Cats are hosting an open player tryout on May 26th from 8am-4pm at IWS.

The cost is $80 to participate.
My question is, for those who attend how many are actually going to be signed?

Only 68 Players can attend T.C. We currently have 74-75 guys.

T.C. kicks off I beleive May 28th. And we were supposedly supposed to have a 3 day mini-camp 25th-28th.
SO I Can't see the point of having this, other than the Cats making money off of us.

The point for the player is to get seen by the Ticats first hand.

I recall talking to a father of an American player last year.
His son drove 1000s of miles to a try out in the western U.S.
The Cats were impressed. They told him they would like
to have another look. He drove 100s of miles from home

At the 2nd camp in the U.S his performance
earned him an invitation to Training Camp.

He drove 100s of miles again. He competed well. He played
in a pro exhibition game. He survived several cuts after that.
His father was so impressed with the professional way that
the Ticats treated these young men and for giving his son a shot
at pro football. He was also so proud of his son for the discipline
he showed despite the long odds against him of making the team.

I believe his son achieved something that will benefit him in life
even if he never makes it in pro football.

  1. They only make money of us (ie you) if you participate in the camp.

  2. Isnt this also how Buck Pierce came into the league..through a similar thing the Lions did?

If it was free I'm sure you'd have everyone coming out. Im sure the fee is to limit those and they may even need to rent the stadium from the city.