Ti-Cats only team over Cap in 2014

for once the Riders were not over the Salary Cap.

the shocking part of it is that the Ti-Cats were..

$8,039 over the cap.

Full article.

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/8-of-9-teams-under-2014-salary-cap]http://cfl.ca/article/8-of-9-teams-unde ... salary-cap[/url]
TORONTO -- An extensive audit process has confirmed eight of nine teams were under the Canadian Football League’s salary expenditure cap for 2014, the CFL announced today.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats were the only team to exceed the cap. Their total salary expenditure of $5,008,939 was $8,389 over the salary expenditure cap of $5,000,000. They will be penalized one dollar for each dollar they were over the cap for a total fine of $8,389.

“The salary management system was brought into the CFL to provide competitive balance and responsible business practices,? said Michael Copeland, President and Chief Operating Officer of the CFL. “It is clear, with eight of nine teams under the cap, our teams understand that for the continued growth of our league, we have to remain fiscally responsible.?

The salary management system was introduced in 2007.

The system’s review process includes detailed field audits of all nine clubs twice per year, once during the CFL season and once following its completion. Teams are also required to provide regular updates on compensation levels at the 6-game, 12-game and 18-game point of the season.

Under the provisions set by the league’s Board of Governors, teams are fined one dollar for every dollar they exceed the cap up to $100,000, and two dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap between $100,000 and $300,000, plus the loss of the team’s first round draft pick. Teams are fined three dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap beyond $300,000, and they lose their first two draft selections.

As no team exceeded the cap by more than $100,000 in 2014, the order for the CFL Draft on May 12 is not affected. It remains (barring trade) for the first round:

Round 1

  1. Ottawa
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Toronto
  4. Montreal
  5. B.C.
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Edmonton
  8. Hamilton
  9. Calgary



And not really a surprise to me, given the number of injuries the team had, and the team’s success last year that resulted in a few more all-stars than expected and a bit more paid out in bonuses.

Actually the injury excuse doesn't wash. Ti-Cats kept Greg Ellingson hidden on IR for most of the season, and he has claimed that he wasn't injured at all, and was not happy with the situation. Face it...they cheat. :smiley:

Every team does that with the 6-game IR. It was more due to having to bring Collaros back early from the 6-game IR when LeFevour blew his knee out, having a bunch of first string players injured here and there - including two RBs by the end of the season and having to sign a third one right at the deadline. I guess they could have just written the season off at Labour Day and cut a player or two, or gone with their third and fourth string QBs to make sure they stayed under the cap.

And who would have thought they'd have ten eastern all stars and three league all stars? Those are announced after the season, by the way - too late to do anything about the salary cap.

And the amount they were over? What their most expensive player gets paid for a half of football.

Why were they the only ones to go over? No idea. Only team to have to bring a player back from the 6-game IR? Not sure.

No excuses. Hamilton shouldve predicted and accounted for all that stuff.

This year we will go $99,999.98 over.

A little surprising anyone went over when the cap went up basically 10%. but yeah...<.1% into a luxury tax...perfect aim IMO...they got the maximum amount into their player's hands possible. Any team that is not losing money should be flirting with that cap and willing to flirt with a tier 1 penalty...well done.

In other news..
The Montreal Alouetes were able to stay under the 5 million dollar player cap, but somehow managed to spend 7 million on coaches and management.. Each one of Wetenhall's sons was paid 700K.. Dan Hawkins still make 400K last year.. Don Mathewews wa handed a couple hundred grand, and so was Jeff Garcia(just one of three offense co-ordinators last season..

That's fair of a Rider fan to say, given how many times everyone else has called them out on that.

I used to be in the exact same opinion until I learned of the mandated All-Star team bonuses (which IMO shouldn't count towards the cap at all). The fact that the Ti-Cats had a record number of injuries on both the O.Line and to both of their QBs and went from 0 all-starts to 10

Also keep in mind, when a team makes it into the playoffs, the players get more money and I think that counts towards the cap too, but it might not.

First Place Standing (Bye) $3,400
Semi-Final Participation $3,400
Division Championship Participation $3,600
Grey Cup Runner-up $8,000
Grey Cup Winner $16,000

I know. The comment was made more in good fun because my team got called out for cheating despite being over for similar reasons as Hamilton probably was this season. The league should move away from certain bonuses going against the cap.

I dunno. I agree with Depop. If it's only a dollar for dollar "spanking" and no draft picks or any other penalty, other than money,I say 99,999.00 over should be the actual cap for any team that is maximizing it's efforts to win and win now. Can't wait to here CFLESK response to this however. :lol: :lol:

I believe those are CFL payments, so shouldn't be included in the cap spending calculation for the individual team.

Correct, those are considered post-season earnings, not regular. All-star payments are made towards the regular season though as votes are based on regular season play, not post. I think it is silly that the all-star portion is part of the SMS...take it out of the math and be done with it. They don't announce the selection until well after the GC...it just seems stupid.

Teams that suddenly have a surge in all-star performances and thus voting are essentially being punished for it. A GM is responsible for putting the best product he can on the field, and that generally means spending every dollar he can afford. The league's Cap is at a point where it is viable to keep all teams in the black to promote stability (which in the long run promotes growth potential), and with that teams are going to push that limit or not be competitive. It is not the massive dollars of some leagues where some markets won't ever come even close to the cap...all teams are going to be right there, and good GMs are going to try to squeeze every cent they can out of it. This is why the luxury tax tier is nice...it gives that little bit of wiggle room that is needed in the CFL's scenario, but no bonuses mandated from outside the club should be a part of that structure.

Imagine you ran a department at company X, and within it you were allowed to pay your department of 10 a total of 1 mil over the course of the year. Now your base wags bring you to 900k, but there is a project that needs done and you don't have time, so you pay OT to get it done, an you come up to near that 1 mil because of that. The higher powers go "wow, I am impressed they got that done" and hand out a small bonus of some sorts to the department. Everyone is happy, but then they review your budget and you are 20k over because of said bonuses. Does the company give you crap? No. Same general principle here...it makes no sense.

So true

So true
And then to still have some in the media claim that the Al's lose money is laughable

Let's bring back the days of the owners paying some of the players salaries from that other personal account and off the SMS accounting books.

Geezz !!!! $ 8,039.00 over the salary cap, it sounds like they overpaid the "Water boy" :roll: :wink:

To put this in perspective as to how ridiculous this amount is in relative terms based on a standard 46 man CFL roster(which we all know isn’t standard ie not including IL/PR players etc) $8039.00 works out to a whopping $174.60 per player for the year based on an 18 game schedule or an incredible $9.70 per player per game extra on their game cheques. Not a big wup when you look at it this way. It basically amounts to pocket change really,mere quarters and dimes and nothing more.