Ti-Cats offensive faux pas

I don't know if this has been discussed or not, and I am not sure if it is confirmed yet, and I would've put this on the Ticats forum but I am sure more than just Hamilton fans have an opinion on this.

I heard somewhere that the Hamilton Ti-Cats signed Marcell Bellefuelle or "Belle-faux pas" as he should be called.

If this is true, Hamilton is in for a tough frustrating offensive year again. This guy, "Faux pas", is sent packin' from every team he is with amidst groans of agony from the fans' teams. He is very unimaginative and seriously lacks creativity. His passing game is weak at best and (with help from Jim Popp) made Montreal look horrible. In SSK he was more hated than Roy Shivers.

Hamilton, save yourself a year and fire him now. It will be like stepping into a time machine because he will be canned by this time next year anyways.


I believe the merits of Marcel Bellefeuille have been discussed a few times recently.





And apparently there aren't a lot of fans of his on these forums. I prefer to take a wait and see approach rather than throw him under the bus 7 months before the season starts. I don't know if any one has noticed but no offense has been very exciting over the past few seasons! As illustrated by this year's Grey Cup.

  • paul

...could've been, if one of the teams would have been able to start their NO. 1 QB.

Are you for real? The offence has been much improved from the year before. This past year's offensive efforts were above average, dare I say . . . stellar in the '07 season.

C'mon, anybody agree?

I thought the offences were fine this year, but then again, I had no problem in 2006 either. I think the defences have come further in the past few years than the offences, sure, but that doesn't mean there's a problem ...