Ti-Cats offense?

Dear Ti-Cats fans and football knowledgeables, I'd like to get your take on the invisible Ti-Cat offense despite apparently good off-season changes.

So, please answer the following...

If you could make one change to make the offense better, would you:
a) Change QB?
b) Change receivers?
c) Change O-line?
d) Change offensive coordinator?

NOTE : The are no "all of the above" choice because I want you to pinpoint one aspect of the unit. It's much harder to do than to say "everything's bad". By the way, I took for granted that Ranek wasn't a problem... :wink:

change QB...mass is shit

every pass is drunk, over thrown, or under thrown, and im tired of seeing his tantrums after every bad throw....hes not worth a dime, and they wont get anything for him in a trade...they should try to give him away in the expansion draft..

what a mistake they made passing Kerry joseph to the riders.

I would say a new offensive CO is needed. PowPow clearly cant run an offence. Maas isnt doing much as a starter either, but why he has been that bad is a mystery to me. He clearly is better than what he has shown, maybe an offence that is suited to him might be the answer.

have u watched his passes?...every one is inaccurate....if he just hits his targets, the game is completely different.

I say get rid of Pao Pao, man he stinks, and I admit Mass can play a little bettr, but before getting rid of him we should fire Pao Pao first and bring in a better offence Co-ordinator, because i would really hate to see maas go and watch him play good on another team with a decent offence Coordinator. By the way if I am spelling Pao Pao wron let me know thanks.

I just checked his stats, and including tonight, Maas still has a completion rate of about 65%, which is pretty good.

Of course his TD/INT ratio is dismal. :oops:

I agree with those who say Maas hasn't played up to his potential. And I hope for Hamilton that the main problem is coming from coaching, because replacing an offensive coordinator is easier than switching QB... But let's not get into that debate, It'll have its own thread sooner or later... :wink:

Oc,cant blame the players

y can't u blame the players?

The OC isn't the one missing receivers and catches....

Peterson's gotta to go.

maas is a piece of crap, hes got a sour additude, everytime he screws up he pretty much blames someone else for it.
hey the only player who came close to scoring a TD for hamilton was their kicker hahahah :lol:

It seems to me that a lot of passes are to the sidelines, not down the middle.

Sometimes Maas completes a great 20 yard pass, but the result is a pickup of 3.

So, why aren't more passes going down the middle? Is it the OC or the QB? Is the OC convinced that the QB is not good enough to make those passes or something?

"Anytime I felt like I could see a guy open, I couldn't make the throw for some reason," Maas said. "It's extremely frustrating to me and I'm sick to my stomach about it and I'm sure a lot of people are and I don't blame them. I have big shoulders, I can take this and it's all on me."

When did he say this?

Our passing game just needs a bit more time to “gel” and have Maas get “comfortable” here at Ivor Wynne.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

sorry...i forgot the link:

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Football/2006/08/13/1752036-sun.html]http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Footba ... 6-sun.html[/url]

....i always thought that Ricky and Maas were a good tandem....split them up and ....well you see the results....Glenn looks better (just gets injured a lot) ...when you start looking as frustrated and ...crying after every incompleted pass...you have to wonder...is he saying ...'c'mon guys i know i'm good...how come you don't catch everything i throw '...if thats his attitude ...Hamilton you have a problem..and i.d rather be living in WPG. rather THAN.......well you know.... :? :roll:

There is really no one thing that is wrong with this offence. The line provides good protection 80% of the time. When they do, the passes are accurate 80% of the time. When they are, they are caught 80% of the time. When they are caught, they gain acceptable yards (required yards on second down, at least half on first down) 80% of the time.

Sounds pretty good, but that works out to gaining acceptable yardage on only about 41% of their plays. That leads to a whole lot of two-and-outs.

The problem is Danny McManus, or a lack thereof. I think it would be beneficial if he was reacquired. Maas gets 2 points, and the backups 0 points, at home. Surely McManus could help.

I really don't have a definitive answer when it comes to the Ticats. Many are saying that it is Paopao, but is it. In Ottawa he ran a very imaginative offense around Joseph and Ranek, and was never afraid to throw the ball downfield, but then again Joseph could buy time for himself. I think that it has to center on Maas and his inability to find receivers downfield. He has admitted himself that he is having difficulty throwing over thirty yards and it could be that Paopao is trying to craft together an offensive scheme which suits what he can do right now. The problem is that every teams defense also knows this and is all over it.
I agree that the Ticats are stuck with Maas for now because no one else will want him. He is going to have to work through his issues.