Ti-Cats O & D Lines for 2016

With the upcoming free agency early next year and the list of many Tiger-Cat and other CFL players that will be available on the open market it opens the door that the Tiger-Cats could have an All-Canadian Offensive and Defensive Lines?

The question on defence would be the fact that Hickman, Hall and Laurant are all free agents and all potentials to look to the NFL for another opportunity. I don't see these players signing on with another CFL team, I think their best offer would be right here in Hamilton and coach/gm Austin would do everything to keep them here and Norwood is still signed but now injured and could miss the opening of the season next year.

It would be great to see all the players re-signed and back as Tiger-Cats and keep the unit together but it seems that things don't always work out that way.

However this scenario could also work and open some potential doors for players like Bulke who is a free agent, Gaydosh, Hazim and maybe a FA signing like Canadian Justin Capicciotti or others to the Ti-Cats that we could have an all Canadian starters on the D-Line?

The same holds true for the O-Line and probably even more so with guys like Filer, Dyakowski, Bomben, O'Neill etc. easier to build as an all Canadian unit.

Just imagine having two good Canadian lines of starters and flexibility that would open to other areas of the team for international starters.

GO CATS GO IN 2016!!!

Where your plan gets dicey is finding suitable backups who are also Canadian in case of injury.