Ti-Cats new uniforms

[url=https://torontoargonauts.exposure.co/first-game-at-bmo-field/photos/2820005]https://torontoargonauts.exposure.co/fi ... os/2820005[/url]

First off, great work by the Argos putting together the gallery really nicely done and looked like a great atmosphere based off the pictures.

But my issue, our team now looks like they're wearing yoga pants with all black pants matched with all black socks. I pray they wear white socks on the road in the regular season. I unfortunately suffer from an obsession with sports aesthetics and it depresses me that the Argos look so good and we took a step back. I loved our last set all they needed was a helmet stripe and they were golden - pun intended.

I will cheer for this team if they're wearing pink but still pisses me off a bit they took a step back with cutting off the stripes, tacking that tiny Ti-Cats logo on the sleeve for no reason at all, taking the stripes off the pants, bumping the font on the jerseys up to just a weird size for a football uniform, then the topper slapping massive redundant numbers on the back of their helmets.

The Cats have usually always had a beautiful set but this one is my least favourite since I have been alive. I'd even go back to the Kevin Glenn days with that bright a** yellow that was passed off as gold.

You are obsessing a little. I don't put that much thought into it myself. I did like the all black pants though! :rockin: :rockin:

I agree the enlarged font for the team name on the jersey looks stupid. I'm not a fan of the fad of putting the team name on the front of the jersey in the first place. And I prefer the yellow pants. The rest of the changes I'm not enthusiastic about, but don't annoy me as much as those two points.

I'm with you, 2ez, pretty well word for word on this subject, and sadly, I'don't think there's a chance in H ... amilton your white socks prayer will be answered. However, sadly too, based on several past threads in recent years where uniforms have been the topic, I expect we'll be lonely birds on this perch.

I agree on the large numbers on the helmets. Its a little redundant considering the number on the jersey is much larger and directly below it. There doesn't seem to be an actual reason for it, unless these guys are known for grabbing someone else's helmet...lol.

Meh, the black pants/socks combo doesn't bug me. I do think they should go with gold pants away as black and gold are our colours. Pant and helmet stripes would be nice but it's not the end of the world.

I really like the big "Hamilton" and "Tiger-Cats" on the fronts of the jerseys :rockin:

Nah, I am obsessing a lot lol I know it's a weird obsession but thankfully I am not alone in this world, theres a whole forum of us over here > http://boards.sportslogos.net/forum/1-sports-logos/

Even if we stand alone it is always nice to have some company lol But seems a few people have some gripes. Obviously it is not the biggest deal in the world but was very disappointed when I seen the team take a step back. Identity in sports is huge so thankfully Ti-Cats didn't do a ton to change the overall feel of the uniforms, just a bunch of minor useless changes for the sake of change which in the end came off as a bit amateurish.

And if I can't get white socks on the road, gold pants will do. Just not a fan of the yoga pants/cooperall look at all.

The black pants look horrible, especially with the white jersey.

Gold should be worn exclusively…with the rare home black on black combo.

I have never ever been a fan of the all black look or the all white for that matter. The lack of stripes on the pants make them look like practice pants.

I also agree that the font on the front is to large.

Making change for change sake is not always a good thing.

While generally disappointed with the changes the team has made to its uniforms, and after expressing here that I thought they looked bad at BMO, and never having been a fan of the all black look at home, I must admit that I accepted the look last night better than I have the all blacks in previous seasons. I 'm quite surprised but, to my eyes, removing the pant stripes may be a better overall look in the all blacks.


Paraphrasing Ticats players on a hot, sunny gameday.

I agree, didnt bug me as much actually watching the game.

I will take back a few things I said, for starters the font actually looks good at that size I like it. Also I am not sure if the helmet numbers looked obnoxiously big in the promo pic because they were on Speedys helmet which I imagine is much smaller than the rest of the team's helmets, but regardless they didn't seem as big and obnoxious as I thought.

Still don't like the lack of stripes, just makes sense to have a couple on the pants and helmet maybe even socks, but we got an intimidating look going on with the all black...I agree I'd hate to be in all black on a hot day at THG though, thankfully the league robbed ua of Summer games at THF this season (yes yes, I know we have three during the summer but still).

So... I'm pretty sure they actually reduced the size of the helmet numbers.

as for the pant stripes - it actually is more accurate to the uniform post 84 when we switched to black helmets, and had zero pant stripes for about a decade.

I do kinda miss the extra contrast in the pants though, from the 2012-2015 uniform. what's a tiger without stripes?

as long as we don't go back to that ungodly 98-04 uni.

I was going to suggest that they bumped the number size down on the helmets but wasn't sure. Be nice to know if they in fact did.

As for those 98-2004 uniforms, thats blasphemy! :lol: I loved those uniforms, I was also born in 1994 so might explain my love affair for them but still I loved the actual tiger stripe pattern I thought it was really unique and fit our team perfectly.

[quote=“Blindside”] … as for the pant stripes - it actually is more accurate to the uniform post 84 when we switched to black helmets, and had zero pant stripes for about a decade… /quote]
I’m going to have to disagree with you on this, Blindside. In fact, the complete opposite to what you state may be, I believe, more accurate. The team first wore black helmets in 1986 when their gold pants, their only pants, back then, I believe, had a single, wide black stripe, with a number patch, on the stripe, at the hip. There’s a picture here from the '86 Grey Cup in Vancouver. https://www.google.ca/search?q=1986+gre … w9RV1SM%3A

The also had the stripe on the pants in 1984:

And 1985:


Now that vintage tiger on the 84 and 85 helmets look amazing.....come on caretaker.....bend a bit on this :thup:

Not to mention 1987:


1989 (best catch ever):



As far as memory and googling show, from 1983 to 2000 inclusive, the Cats always had game pants with a full stripe down each side.

I thought they all looked like they were wearing Lulu Lemon yoga pants. Not a fan of these new pants.


I sit corrected.

anyway, I just hope they never attempt that faux 'tiger stripe' from the late 90's ever again.

also... yes... bring back the leg stripes. (we'll be waiting a few years)