Ti-Cats Nation: Mobilize

Not to jump the gun, but if this team wins in Winnipeg and comes home the following week, I feel they're owed a packed house.

Yes I know there are some who will say no one is owed anything, but as a fan, I would like to see the team treated to a hero's welcome for playing real Tiger-Cats football this year and ressurecting the club from years of futility.

A win next week in Winnipeg, and I will do my best to bring out as many people as possible to the east semi at Ivor Wynne.

If everyone can bring the regulars and a newcomer, I don't see why we can't sell out a playoff date.

If the best efforts in marketing doesn't do it in a city like Hamilton, maybe something more grass roots could?

Let's see what happens in Winnipeg next weekend.

Oskee Wee Wee

If Hamilton wins next week. I would expect nothing less than a packed house. This team would deserve it for that kind of a turnaround!

Don' jinx us now, joedavtav

Well, let's just say I've got a whole whack of buddies that will be watching that Winnipeg game with a lot of enthusiasm -- just waiting to call the box office!

Lets just worry about next week first. Selling out a game in less than a week with no group sales will be tough, thus the traditional drop off in attendance for the semis

Agreed. Man I'm really, really starting to hate the Bombers!!!!
If there's any play at all near the Winnipeg sideline, I hope one of our guys puts a helmet right into the chest of Mike Kelly.

WOOHOOO im so excited about this win..we eliminate Winnipeg and head into Ivor Wynne next weekend to play against BC Lions who dont have a quarterback right now thats fully healthy except inexperienced Zac Champion. We are in full swing and Kevin Glenn is on fire and i have no doubt that Kevin will be on all cylinders taking it to BC next weekend.

Lets get out there and support our CATS. We havent had a playoff game since 2001. We have something to really cheer about this year, finishing 9-9 and clinching 2nd place. We need a sell out and make this really exciting..

My birthday is November 14th and all i want for my birthday is to sell out this football game and win at home for our fans...who totally deserve this..we have gone through too much pain over the years....we have something to feel good about and Bob YOung deserves this also..

GO CATS GO!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 games away from the grey cup!!!!

LETS DO THIS! If we don't sell out i'd be VERY diappointed in our fans. The team's earned an oversell so loosen the purse strings. It's 1 more game, the most important of the year thus far. GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

After all of these years, yes anything but a sellout would be disapointing.
Go Cats fans Go.

Congrates on a great team win and yea we better sell out, me and the boy's will definitely be there. Hope to see you all there!
Doc 8)

Way to go boys, I'll be there screaming my lungs out.

:thup: Couldn`t have said it any better :D

What's on the tailgate menu???


Great Game....Great Effort....and Well Deserved Result.

We should all be proud of what the Tiger Cats have accomplished this year, and support them fully in their playoff run.

Go Cats Go

I'm playing the Ti-Cat Fan Song right now. WooHoo.


Great game for our Ti-cats and they deserve a full house. I,m from alberta so I wont be there but will be screaming infront of the tv. Things are shaping up to be a super year. Have fun at the game.

Finally the team and we fans deserve this, let's sell this mutha out and then swarm Montreal! Anybody know anything about tickets?

You guys (and dolls) have paid yor dues - enjoy.
Signed a spoiled Lionbacker

Got my playoff tickets Friday with my season ticket renewal. Can’t wait for the game!

OK here is the challenge. Just bought 9 tickets for Sundays play-off match against B.C., lets see if we can sell out the house before game day!
Doc 8)