Ti-Cats moving to Yellowknife

jk :slight_smile: The NWT don't seem to care much for football. Most locals can't even name any of the teams. I almost cried when I heard, "Saskatchewan has a football team?"

LMAO! Let me guess the Argo's are right behind them moving to Whitehorse to keep the rivalry alive aswell. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whitehorse vs Yellowknife...wow! Huge ratings.

Oh yeah. It'll be the biggest Labour Day game ever, it'll be bigger than the Grey Cup, Stanely Cup, Superbowl and World Cup combined. The world is watching with baited breath. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey we will gladly take the stadium and team here in the Maritimes! It's funny how when you don't have a team and really want to see one close to where you live it kind of upsets you when cities that have a team take it for granted.

It's all a big joke now but you'll all be jumping on the Pukatawagan Bombers bandwagon!

Franchises would be great in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Fort MacLeod, Alberta, Spuzzum, B.C. too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gull Lake Geezers
The Fort MacLeod Bravehearts
The Spuzzum Skunks (Skunk Day promotion on Labour Day games!)

How about Dildo Newfoundland?

I'm going to stop now.