ti-cats mentioned on app state website

im a huge appstate fan and have been following richie williams career since his first year with the mountaineers. he pretty much laid the foundation for our school's recent success and i think its great when people give him the credit he deserves.


I'm an appstate fan, too. Thanks for beating Michigan aka scUM. From the Detroit area here, can't stand the Lions and a friend turned me on to the TiCats...nice win....Can't wait to pick up your reg. season games on the TV....

If you can, come up for a game and consume mass quantitities of Canadian beer. It's good for you.

Will do that....I'm going to Toronto in Oct. it would be fun to catch a game.

Hamilton is only 45-60 minutes away from Toronto and closer to Detroit.

You certainly do not want to go to see the dreaded blue team in Toronto.

And checking the schedule for October we have:

Sat Oct 04 Montreal at Hamilton 4:00 p.m.
Fri Oct 24 Calgary. at Hamilton 7:30 p.m.

Don't catch a game in Toronto at Roger's Centre!

Worst place to watch a football game! Come to Ivor Wynne instead, it's muchhhhhh better!

No, looking to go to a TiCat game and my friend says if they are winning, I won't get a ticket...but if the cats are losing I just might be able to get one.....I am hoping your owner of the TiCats is smarter than Ford of the Detroit Lions....Only going to Toronto for work...NOT pleasure...LOL..been there done that

People go to Toronto for PLEASURE??????????????????

Well, they do have a good commerical on TV here....They pulled one over on us....