Ti-Cats lose PK Medlock to Bombers


gary lawless ?@garylawless
and word out there is Justin Medlock has told @ticats he has a deal somewhere. My guess is @Wpg_BlueBombers @cfl #cflfa

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K/P Justin Medlock has agreed to terms w/ #Bombers. #CFLFA #Ticats #CFL via @scratchingpost

Excellent pickup for the Bombers.

....Great signing....The Bombers needed consistency in the kicking game....they just got it.. :thup:

As much as 1150 is downplaying the significance of it, no matter how you slice it, he's the best FG kicker in the league.

Looking at it from a ratio perspective, if the Bombers sign Andrew Harris, it opens up an import spot for kicking and the Bombers are probably deciding to make use of it...

Good pick up for Winnipeg.
I can't remember them ever having a reliable kicker.

I guess it's time to bring back O'Neill and possibly Congi now.....if they'll have us that is.

Congrats !!!! Harris then Medlock......the B.B's are off to a great start in the FA derby !!!

Good signing for the Bombers. Medlock must be the highest paid kicker...

Lost too many points as Hajrullahu struggled last year. Something had to be done. Good get.

Well he can struggle all he wants to in Toronto then this season as he has just signed with the Boatmen.The rumour floating around was he was going to sign in Hamilton. As long as it's not us the Argos can have him because I really didn't want him in the first place to be honest.

Lirim's a good risk for any team. He's probably not going to get much $ coming off the year he had. If you get the rookie year version you struck gold, if you get last year's version he's an easy cut. At this point he's probably just insurance depending on what's going on with Swayze Waters.

gary lawless ?@garylawless
told the @Wpg_BlueBombers deal with Medlock is for two years @cfl #cflfa and likely around $175 k per

I hear ya and he did have a great rookie campaign but as the old saying goes......Just what have you done for me lately ??
Answer : Not much.......and I do mean that literally.......only 22 fgs made and 6 missed extra pts last season.....Like I said the Argos can have him. As for Swayze Waters , who knows ? maybe he's heading down the QEW as our replacement for Medlock. :wink:

...I liked Liram H. but his game came off the rails last year...so much so I was closing my eyes every time he was attempting a convert...never mind field goals...Word was he wanted to go back east and was sulking after another kicker was brought in...Guess the Bombers and him got their wish...Good luck to him in T.O.

I liked Lirim too, even going back to his Western days. I know why we let him sign elsewhere and I’m really glad we got Medlock. I’m not psychic but I can’t shake the feeling that Lirim will come back to haunt us.

Bit surprised to hear that the TiCats didn't formally offer him a contract. I've read comments about them not being overly happy with his directional punting but the guy was money as a kicker.

....Can't believe they didn't offer him a contract either....Best kicker in the league and you pass on him??...Austin must have a plan that escapes me, although he's probably keeping as much cash as he can to re-up Laurent, who is now reportedly being courted by Popp and the Als....curious..

This is a great signing. Medlock is the best kicker in the league. I love Swayze Waters' game, but he just can't stay healthy.

Can't understand why CFL teams are obsessed with having NIs for kickers. It's a MASSIVE advantage to have one guy - - regardless of nationality - - to do both punting and FGs as it frees up a roster spot.

Ti-Cats fans should not worry to much.

If the Zach Attack picks up where he left off, Cats will score so many TD’s they will not have to worry about FG’s.

If healthy , ZC is the best thing since Doug Flutie.

Still , I am sure the replacement kicker will be fine.