Ti-Cats logo

Montreal colors have always been that, like the unity flag or Molson beer.

I don't like the new logo. I reminds me of a wild tigger from winnie the pooh. I can live with it for one game, but I would have liked to seen the helmet in the old gold colour

THANK YOU!!! or just a have the tiger head on the helmet, or maybe something like the XFL helmet they have now.

good to see 10 other cats fans agree with me.

11, yaahoo!!!


Which new logo are we talking about here - it looks like this post was originally started to critique the dumbed-down leaping tiger of last year and has morphed into a critique of the new labour day helmet decal.

For my part, thought the new leaping tiger was OK but unecessary - and I noticed they still haven't figured out how to present it in larger format in the Spec without the "stepping", the standing tiger standing on the flowery script is just awful but I kind of like the new helmet decal. Don't normally go for that kind of thing, but IMO it's really well done for what it is.

the logo they change to last season, and have this season and maybe for the next 30 years.

12, waahoo!!!

18, wow! nice