Ti-Cats logo

Who here likes the new logo?

I did, until I thought it wasn't a good cross between a Wild Cat and a Tiger. Plus, a High school in the US has used the logo.

Thoghts, cat fans?

I much prefer the leaping tiger over just the tiger head. What I don't like is the fact that they cut out some of the stripes and added the red tongue.

As far as the school in the US using the logo, I believe that Hamilton had the logo first. I may be wrong but thats what I have been led to believe.

I have to admit, I don’t know what people are looking at when they say the new logo is worse than the old one. It’s the same logo. They are both leaping tigers. You could put one on top of the other and it would be a perfect match. The only difference is the definition in the lines. I don’t hate or like our new logo more or less than the old one because it’s the same thing.

C'mon guys!!! since you adopted hat terrible logo, the Cats have been going down hill! (with the exception of the Edm game, of course).

That team in the US copied your guys logo. Anyways, i prefer the new leaping tiger ove the old one. The old one looked too complicated and complex.

Don't you miss this little bugger??? Don't you miss that face???

I loved that Ti-cat face. On the shoulder pads of there jerseys last year. I wanted to get it as a tattoo on my right shoulder blade and Im still thinking about it honestly.......Not sure what im gonna do but im thinking about it anyways lol......that would look so awsome as a tattoo tho (or at least I think so)


AH.... AAAHHHH..... AHCHOOOOO!!!!!!!!

welcome to noverber Cats fans!

I could not give a Cats (rats) behind about the new logo,
old logo spat. Logo's do not WIN football games. Good
players and great coaching do. We need some new blood
if our Tabbies are going to get to the next level. I have been
a Cats fan since the sixties (ya I am getting up there) and
would love to see a turn around. There. I'm done. Just had to
rant a bit. All better now. Go Cats Go!! :lol:

Well said wrecker69! Logos don’t mean a thing. I see your team being very strnog within the next few years to come b/c of all the young talent they have. Right now i think they’re just a proven qb away from being .500 or better next year.

so I guess the Canadain flag doesn't mean much if it were slamed by the Union Jack or if Blue was added?

symbolism is very inportant

bob young said he gave permission for the US highschool to use the ti-cat logo.

so hamilton DID have it FIRST.

yeah, but the new logo is still isn'as good as the old one was.

I'm wearing a t-shrit with the old logo on now. 8)

Did everyone not notice that the "face" logo was just the face portion of the old leaping tiger?

The new logo is just not as detailed; it's the same as the old one otherwise. Even the red tongue (which comes from the old Wildcats red-white-blue) appeared on the original leaping tiger before it was changed to yellow a few years ago.

And as bad as the Cats were last year, they were a lot better than they were in 2003, when they lost 17 games...WITH THE OLD LOGO!

red white and blue? Red and Blue are Montreal colors! not hamilton ones! what were the Wildcats thinking?

that makes me hate the new logo even more!

One thing i like bout the logo is it's unqiue appeal to be updated nothing more to say but Hi to all.

BRING BACK TIGGER THE TIGER-CAT!!! and 6 other Ti-cat fans agree with me.

(BTW, the "Tigger" part is a joke, but you know what they say, soon as you name something, you start to love it :lol: )

now that the old ti-cat site is merged on here, what do you think about this subject?

BTW, I used to be a Ti-cats fan untill the change, now my favoite in the East is the ARGOS!!!!

What were the Wildcats thinking?... (Having just come over from the old Ticats site, I hadn't seen this comment before.)
The Wildcats used these colours during the years up to 1949 when they merged with the Tigers. The Montreal team did not exist, since the Big Four shut down during the war. Were these the colours of the Montreal team prior to the war? I don't know, can't remember. Maybe you could enlighten us. Does your memory go back that far?