Ti-Cats Kahlil Hil goes to NFL

a crushing blow to the ti-cats...Hill joined the cats mid season and looked very impressive, and was a shoe in to make the team next season...instead, the NFL's jags stole him away...crappy.


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stupid nfl... stealing cfl talent. In the east, I've decided I'll be cheering for the Ti-cats(mainly Maas) next year(unless they play edmonton) and I was looking forward to watching Hill some more. That's not gonna happen now...

I'm sorry to hear that, he willn't be coming back up here unless he wants to face a burtal punshsment.

On the bright side, he did go to my favoite NFL team which after there hard playoff lose last week, need all the help they can get.

What punishment, Kanga.....quit making blanket statements with no substance. No other CFLer that goes down south faces "punishment" if/when they come back to the CFL.....what is this "thing" you have with getting even with players who go down south?

I'm kidding around jm02!

as for Hamilton, they have Maas to build around in the off season, and if they get good guys around him, they will be alright when the preseason starts

heres what ti-cat owner, bob young, says aboput the loss;

"Don't judge ( GM ) Katz or the rest of our recruiting team for the players we lose to the NFL. Or to be precise you should judge them favourably on that account. It means that they are finding talent that even the NFL had overlooked.

The test is not who we lose, it is the quality of the players we find that counts. That the NFL wants our players is proof that we are beginning to recruit at the very high standard we need to, in order to be consistently successful.

Personally I've always been thrilled when a Joe Theisman, Warren Moon, or Kahllil Hill goes to the NFL and succeeds brilliantly. It proves the NFL game is no better than ours. It just pays better."

For sure the NFL is not better, just different. If the CFL were paying better, most of these guys would be signing here if they could, it's really mostly about the money, that is all. Football is football when it comes down to it.

Actually (for the sake of argument), If the CFL paid exactly the same as the nfl, most of the american players would still be south of the border because of the import rule.

On the other hand...... I wouldn't want all american players to populate the Canadian game anyway, because then it wouldn't be.....well......Canadian.

The problem is the CFL is now a breeding ground for players to make the NFL. the NFL is always looking towards Canada to find great talents. But I still say best of luck to players who make the NFL and that if they come back to the CFL all the better for league and the team they play for. And i am watching hamilton to see what they do with maas and lumsden.

lol... Now this is a first in football history.

We all knew the Argos kept on hiring NFL rejects.

But to see the NFL grab an Argos reject, that must be unprecedented!