Ti-Cats interested in Eric Tillman

Heard from a reliable source that this is no rumour. Tillman will likely sign on with Hamilton. :frowning: I don’t know why the Rens don’t pick him back up. :?

Go You Backs Against The Wall Thieving Bastard Capital Punishment Renegades Go!!

Ottawa is doing fine SS, don't worry.

There may be competition for Eric. If Winnipeg were smart, they should look into and see if he wants to go out west. If memory recalls, Winnipeg offered Eric the GM post before giving Taman the promotion. Plus, back then he did not want to go to the Peg. Eventually settling on the Gades.

Why does the CFL think former TSN analysts can really do very much in the league without any proper training or experience. (Tillman, Dunigan)