TI-CATS in Guelph 2013!!

I think the move to Guelph and Alumni Stadium this year is going to be great for Cat fans as I predict a winning season. I think just from the attitude of many of the players this year in camp, it’s a huge change from last year and previous years. The players believe that playing in Guelph although not the old Ivor Wynne but a short drive away will be like playing back in College Days for many, same atmosphere, same fun, the players will play more lose and give the opposition teams a tough game.

I look forward to this year and playing in Guelph and the atmosphere at Alumni Stadium will be great for Cat fans from Hamilton to Guelph, Waterloo, Cambridge, London and elsewhere. Just remember Ti-Cat Fans, make lots of Noise for the opposition QB’s and Teams, let’s lead the CFL this year in Defense and QB sacks and our offense and special teams are one of the best so that will take care of itself with a Great Defense leading the way to victory!!!

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!!

it may be harder to get tickets. The stadium only holds 13,000 and I don't remember too many games having fewer than 18,000 in the last 5 years. I agree the atmosphere should be great Oskee WeeWee.

I also think it will be a winning season - the head coaches positive attitude has got to have a good effect on the players versus Coretez's stern grumpy demeanor. Austin doesn't look at the reporters like they are idiots, he has fun with them, and you get the feeling he genuinely wants to take the time to answer questions.

I remember after I believe the first home victory last year, a cameraman accidentally bumped into Cortez and he completely flipped out on him and it was caught on camera.

I don't see that happening with Austin. And I think the players will respond if they are having fun and not walking on eggshells. Could you imagine Arland Bruce and Cortez on the same team?

As far as Guelph goes, I hope it works out. I am a little concerned that they are still doing the same old heavily discounted tickets thing they did at IWS with half the capacity, but perhaps they can sell out every game. I know I am one not making the trip, at least regularly this year, the travel is just not in the cards, and it has nothing to do with the bitterness I know others are feeling and not wanting to attend for.

I'm sure if they are winning that place will be rocking.