Ti-Cats in 2nd Place

After the first 4 games our beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats are tied in 2nd place. Ill take that any year with only 4 games into the season.
Oskee Wee Wee
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Holy Macinaw
Eat'em Raw!!
See you all on Saturday in Guelph when we get retribution on those Riders!

They have the best team in the league but agree, we will get them back for this drubbing.

You seem excited about a 1-3 record. Really? I think you're fooling yourself and anyone you hope to buy into the false optimism you're selling.

2nd place @ 1-3 only really shows what a pathetic division the east is this season, and most seasons for that matter.

When they don't make the payoffs are you going to put a false positive spin on that also?

No need to hold back, tell us what you really think. :wink:

This old guy (and I do this every year they start out 1 - 3) remembers 1972. They also started 1 - 3 and then didn't lose a game after that including winning the Grey Cup at Ivor Wynne. I'm not saying that history will repeat, but certainly it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. By the way the one thing nobody can take from you, if you are strong, is hope. Food for thought.

Be strong. :thup:

As I stated in another post,the east division is probably the worst in CFL history,a 6 and 12 record this year will most likely rap up not only a play-off spot,but 2nd place and home play-off date.Kind of ironic,when ya think that the same record last year got us 8th and 1rst rd draft pick!!! So with that being said,going 5-9 the rest of the way....and were in.The east will be lucky to have a team finish at 9-9 this season.Don't agree??? check back with me at the end of the season!! We shall see that my prediction will be bang-on!!!

GO CATS GO :thup:


Keeps fingers crossed for the 41 year cycle to happen!

I like the '"glass is half full" spin, because the "glass is half empty" spin would be that the Tiger-Cats are in last place of the entire league right where they finished last season (again).

I am hoping that this home and home with the Riders ends like the last 0 point loss in 2006.

In 2006 the Cats had a home and home with the bombers in July. The Bombers won the first game 29-0 but the next week Hamilton won 26-11.

U sure about that 2nd place?cause the Spec's got us listed in 4th,with Wnp 2nd and Al's 3rd.Looks like they're doing it by points scored (Wnp-91,Mtl-90,Ham-79).Yet in the Sun the standings have us 2nd followed by Mtl in 3rd and Wnp 4th ? Kinda confusing,lets just say for now,a three way tie for last....lets see which one of these turtles gets to the finishing line,should be an exciting race!! :roll: :lol:

I believe both the Spec and the Sun have it wrong, with the Sun closest to how the three teams should be listed:
HAM - should be listed as 2nd, following TOR, because HAM defeated WPG
WPG - should be listed as 3rd because they won, by total points, their split 2 games against MTL
MTL - last because the only Eastern Conference games they've played were the 2 with WPG

Looks like even the CFL website has it wrong. The tie-breaking process from the 2011 rule book has the following:

a) has won the greater number of games played against all member Clubs of the League, then
All three teams have one win, so on to the next criteria.
b) has the higher winning percentage in all games played against all of the other tied Club(s), then
Hamilton is 1-0 against the other two, so 100%. Montreal is 1-1, so 50%. Winnipeg is 1-2, so 33%. So it should be Hamilton in 2nd, Montreal in 3rd, and Winnipeg in last.

Not that it really matters at this point. We're still sitting at 1-3 with another tough game coming up this weekend.

Thanks for educating, at least me, on this CFiO. I'd never paid attention to the wording in 'b)," knowing it was based on "wins," but not on "winning percentage in all games against the other tied club(s).

It'd be nice is the CFL would put 2013 rule book on its site. Or, if they're concerned about hurting actual book sale, how about a 2012 edition?

For sure. But in the meantime, here are the rule changes for 2012 and 2013, or at least the only ones they've announced. There are probably some review rulings that haven't been announced publicly, which would be in the new rule book.



I still say the Cats will win the 2013 Grey Cup in Sask against Sask! Ill also believe that until its mathematically out of the equation. as Thats what Loyal diehard, bleeding Black and Gold fans do, no matter how bad it looks! The rest are called BAND WANGONERS. Like it or not! :rockin: :rockin: Oskee Wee Wee

That's right, we are still in second place. That means, the two sweetest words in the English language might get us into the playoffs.

De-fault, De-fault!

Its great we are only one game out of 1st place BUT we arent showing any reasons why we should be confident moving forward..more changes/cuts,no decent signings(ie. boyd/isaac).we are a team in a major crisis right now...seconday stinks again,DL getting no push up front,OL letting burris get killed,place kickers not worth a damn,rookie coaches across the board.its one thing to to be a cats fan,but be realistic....we are worse than last year!