Ti-Cats have the WORST O-line in all of football

Ti-Cats have the WORST O-line in all of football.. that simple!

They were so pathetically bad tonight that me a normally very calm and relaxed guy was yelling at my TV. No wonder Printers got hurt! He was being mauled and beaten to death out there.

The most pathetic O-line performance I have EVER seen from any team. Period!

casey's fault, trade him.... :roll:

sad but true...
so just when our d line starts to show something our o line goes kaput?

the green rider fans warned us about thomas

I think "Turnstile Thomas" was the nickname they had for him. And I don't think Woodard has been much better.

The Esks sacked Ticat QBs 6-7 times this game. And as Zen said, it is not a surprise to see Printers get injured. And as I said on page 11 of the game thread, I thought it was quite possible that Printers would have to leave the game with an injury. And he did not long after I posted that.

In addition to all the sacks taken by QBs, there were hits they took just after getting passes thrown. The offensive line needs to improve.

Our O-line tonight was THe Five Fat Slobs.