Ti-Cats have a great team to start 2010!!!

After hearing about Montreal whip the butts of the BC Lions today I'm not surprised at all, BC got very lucky against Hamilton last week, however BC basically Stinks and were No way any kind of a match for Montreal, the Al's are just to much of a powerhouse for David Brailey's Lions.

However the Tiger-Cats are a team on the go, a young team, a team that can grow together and gel together for a long time, we are probably a player or two away from a team that should compete for first next year in the East division or at least grab a good secure hold on second and possibly playoff victory and on to the Grey Cup . This team had a taste of the playoffs, next year this must rise to the challenge of being the best and getting to the Grey Cup.

One of the areas that could use some improvement is on QB sacks, how about trading Running Back Kenton Keith back to Sask for Defensive End Stevie Baggs, apparently the riders have interest in Keith and I hear Stevie is not very happy in Riderville, because John Chick received all the nominations for his performance over Baggs, if that's the case he could bring some extra excitement and an added level of intensity to the Tiger-Cats Defensive line.

Also, we need to secure a good, fast, Kick/Punt returner or two, returners who can give our offense consistent great field position, I mean a guy or two with a 30 or 40 yard return average, instead of 10 or 20 we have now. Search for some blazing speed over the Winter.

Otherwise this is a good young team with some vets in key positions and the only direction for this team is UP!!!

All the Best to the Tiger-Cats, players, Coaches, Staff and Fans, we will get em next year!!!

Eat Em Raw!!!!!