Ti-Cats.......got to be tamed

,,,although it looks like they're playing for next yr.....is exactly why we have to be wary about the Cats'....they are hitting big-time....I don't know how many guys are out and have taken a pounding from these guys...but Burris, being the latest victim ,is why we have to be extra careful ....the o line better be on top of their game and not let Glenn take any unecessary hits....especially now that he's dinged a bit....watch this Cody guy go after guys and this Anderson character , who tried to give Charlie the body-slam earlier in the year...A wounded Cat is a nasty one..... this is a tough game coming up and the Bombers will just have to match them hit for hit....and protect the qb. We don't want to be victims of another mauling ...like they seem to like to do..... they have nothing to lose...except their jobs....we have a lot to gain by playing a tough ....but smart game... :wink: :rockin:

I think the Bombers will be pretty fired up after the stinker they laid in T.O. last weekend. No reason to be asleep at the switch for this game.

the bombers have to contian lumstand and put pressure on the q.b if they do that they'll kick butt

This isn't looking so good for you guys...

Now its looking better

Bombers are known for a slow start, and a great finish.

I expect nothing less.

...exactly what i said at the top of the post....you cannot underestimate this team...they can be giant killers now...and are going to be a helluva lot of trouble next year... :wink:

Funny how a few linebackers give you the opportunity to struggle on O and yet still hang around. This does make Ham. a real promising team... Next year.