Ti-Cats got jobbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Refs were horribly inconsistent last night particularly with the horse collar tackle penalty calls. Hamilton got called for one early which was a great tackle by one of their defensive players. This led to a lions touchdown. Later in the game obvious dangerous neck area tackles were not called.
But the worst no-call was the obvious interference on Hamilton's running back trying to free himself for a screen or swing pass from Burris late in the game which resulted in an interception. That was blatant home call officiating ignoring that obvious interference which nullified a Hamilton drive and lost valuable time off the clock. Ti-Cats got homered in the Lions Den. Pussycats got lucky.
Can't wait until we get the Pussycats in Mosiac(Taylor Field). Then, the Pussycats will discover what home cooking is all about.

Riders Rule
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Every team has been unfairly penalized by referees. But performance on field still determined outcome of games. Winners win regardless of adversity. BC definitely outplayed Hamilton and deserved the victory.

Hamilton didn't hold the lead for one minute of that football game. The End.

Andre Proulx was the crew chief if I recall correctly and he's from Drummondville.


A homer for Vancouver?


Do you think before you post?

I don't think it was the best officiated game, but to say it was home town officiating is silly.


Sounds like my definition of 'being homered' needs clarification regarding last nights BC vs. Ham. game.
My definition of being homered by officials is when the officials fear calling against the home team due to fan reaction so favour the home team in close calls. Clearly this was the case last night in Vancouver. Two textbook examples of wrong calls or no calls where referees I believe were influenced by the home crowd were: 1. horse collar call against the Hamilton player who made a great play bringing the qb down by his jersey. This led to a B.C. touchdown.
2. Late in the game the running back for Hamilton was clearly interfered with several times by a B.C. defender as the running back attempted to get open for a screen or dump pass. This led to an interception and took valuable seconds off the clock which led to Hamilton running out of time at the end of the game. Both textbook bad calls. Both significantly influenced the out come of the game. Both favoured the home team. That explains my call that Hamilton was 'homered' by the officials. A strong, principled referee would have made the correct call not worrying how the home crowd would react. Embarassing officiating. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Henry Burris had every right to be incredulous after the last no call as it was so obvious the running back was held and impeded from going to where he wanted to go several times. Ahmen! :thdn: :oops:

Rewrite the dictionary if you wish, but it doesn’t change the definition and no way was a Quebecer a homer for either team last night. Your own rationalizations aside. :roll:

Officiating I couldn't say was home town. There is however one constant in BC place and that is their timekeeper that continuously, game in and game out, lets the clock run a few seconds extra when BC has the lead late in the game. They have more clock corrections then the rest of the stadiums combined.


I saw the Lions get away with some non-calls but I also saw them get called when they should not have been called. I also saw some Hamilton players get away with some non-calls. Why not level the playing field a bit and cite a few examples where non-calls went in Hamilton's favour? That would only be fair because given the way you posted your sentiments you are pretty much suggesting that the refs won the game for the Lions. That is simply not the case. And I have yet to see a penalty call "lead" to a TD.

I've seen the fans get in the refs faces time and again with raucous boos and jeers and it didn't change the demeanour of the refs. While I'm not pleased with some of the refereeing of late and have seen the Lions get away with some pretty blatant stuff I've also seen the opposition get away with just as much if not more at times!

Stop being in denial and accept the fact that the Ti-Cats were outplayed last night. They played well enough to win but they were nevertheless outplayed.

The bad part is that it has been the same fellow who has been the time for years on double digit occasions. I can remember one where he was letting it run, then when the opposing team took the lead there were a couple occasions he never really started it. He actually ran down and extra 19 seconds on a single play before he was busted.

It went both ways last night like others said.

Not the best night as someone else said but it definitely wasn't one sided by any means.

The first horse collar tackle early in the game IMO on Lulay was the correct call; Lulay's head bounced off the turf. Second one that was not called later in the game IMO was borderline, for the record name one Ref better than Proulx?

Turkeybender is just upset that now his riders are only 2 points up on Calgary and BC. His Riders are showing signs of faltering. :smiley:

On the called horse collar, Boudreaux grabbed Lulay's sleeve with his left hand, pulling the jersey down from his neck. Then, his right hand ended up on Lulay's back at the place where the collar of the jersey had been pulled. It looked to me like his hand was open and not inside the collar, although it's hard to tell from the camera angles available. But it's easy to see why the referee could think it was a horse collar, given how the jersey was pulled down.

I haven't re-watched the uncalled one yet, but I thought at the time that it should have been called.

I love CFL football, but like others have said it's inconsistent and do hope it improves. I respect Higgins but I feel down the road Andre Proulx will be the guy to enhance the said job and take it to the next level.

All right, but then how do you account for the highly unpopular PI call in the endzone against the Lions right before the Lefevour TD? Defender was reaching in to knock the ball away, and did so without impeding or knocking over the receiver.

Or what about the objectionable conduct on Harris when he gave the 'salute' to the ref before halftime leading to the safety touch? Good call that time, but if the officials were intimidated by the home crowd would they have not left that flag in their pocket?

Also, I do not recall any infractions where the flag came out a few seconds after a round of boos, and neither does anyone else judjing by all the posts in this thread and others in the past 24 hours, and this has been a fairly hot topic.

Finally I just do not believe that officials are intimidated into homer calls. They are not afraid of getting booed. This is not exactly South American soccer where if you call offside in the wrong stadium, the fans storm the field and kill the referee.

Faltering my ass!

After next week they'll be 9-1 and 2 maybe 3 games up on both Calgary and B.C.

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But the Riders have looked less than stellar for the last 3 games and 2 of those should have been easy wins. Theyshould be 9-1 after the Banjo Bowl and they should win both games going away, but based on recent performance that's not as much a guarantee as it would have been after week 5.

Agreed. The only thing CFL officials have been consistent at is screwing up calls fairly evenly between both teams.