Ti-Cats getting everything sponsored

We've all heard the announcements the Cats have made about sponsorship of the team for games at THF with things like the Pioneer Energy Endzone and Coors Light Patio - heck even the naming of the stadium - and all that is great news for the Cats.

But I actually had to laugh when I opened up a 3 game flex pack we ordered that the tickets arrived in the mail today with just how many things are sponsored and printed on those tickets.

Not only is the sponsored name of the stadium on all tickets but here is what else appeared on the tickets I opened up in the mail today.

The tickets to the Labour Day Game read - 'Gate 2 - Scotiabank Gate - Mark's CFL Labour Day Weekend featuring Purolator Tackle Hunger'. The tickets for the September 14th game read 'Gate 4 - Redtag.ca Gate - Presented by Nissan' and the tickets for an October 17th game read Gate 5 - Direct Energy Gate Presented by Direct Energy' (I hope Bob Young got Direct Energy to pay twice for that).

I'm assuming just like the ticket buyers these sponsors only pay if the games are played at THF - so here's hoping for Bob Young's sake we get in there ASAP.

All those sponsorships is testament to how far this team has come in way of support under Bob Y. Now if only something can be done for that other CFL team up the road.

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse"

You mean the one that gets a dozen fans for each game, and half of those are players family? What a sad little team fan wise.

Good for them.. every penny helps!!

I'm all for the team getting sponsorship where possible. I want the team to be profitable and stable. They're doing a good job.

I've actually switched my gasoline to Pioneer in the last 12 months mostly because they're a team sponsor. You can buy team merchandise there too.

I also just get gas at Pioneer because they are a Ticat sponsor.

Plus, their "bonus bucks" add up fast. It is a good local company.

Wow, that's a lot, hopefully the sponsors will not be pissed off if there is no football at THF this year.


Missing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it true that the argh symbol is in all the urinals?

Wasn't so long ago sponsors were leaving in droves and new ones wouldnt touch HAM with a ten foot pole.

Given how much CFL teams lose each year, those sponsorships are a major part of keeping our game alive. I will admit that several years ago when Mr. Young saved the team, I noticed how many extra things were suddenly sponsored and found it a tad annoying. That was until I figured out better.

As anotherdork said, it's not long ago that we couldn't get sponsors to come into CFL stadiums even under subsidy or cheap advertising rates. The fact that the Cats have a full stable and more people chomping at the bit to get in is great.

I think that we could seriously use a Gatorade/Powerade sponsor though. Maybe we'd recover and perform a little better in the games to start the season. (I kid, I kid.)

I LOVE this idea. Maybe it should be the opponent’s symbol in the urinals for each game…

Even the 1st DOwn Stick are Sponsered :roll:

I am came to football game and Ad Agency Broke out… Sick of it

OK Robo - let's get rid of all the ads and raise everybody's ticket price by $10 to replace the lost revenue. Feel better now? :roll:

They well 2016 Watch Tickets will go up $50.00 At Least … and you’ll still have the dam ad’s

No…you want to maximize beer sales after the first go to the can. :wink: Also, young boys can learn an important life lesson from their Ticat fan fathers and other males in their circle:

“A” is for AIM.


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