Ti-Cats fire Bellefeuille

Huh. Didn't see this one coming...


WOW! He won't be unemployed long. A little inconsistent this season but I thought he did a decent job with what he had.

I'm shocked. I thought he did a very good job with what he had to work with. I can't imagine who'll replace him, but I suspect this has more to do with money than talent.

....according to some fans he was always going to be just adequate and couldn't get over the .500 hump...I don't think the cats management and supporters liked being eclipsed by the Bombers this year...hence the firing...They'll do beter without him...Probaly go with Chamblin next season :roll:

Marshall perhaps???

No surprise really. This is a performance business and that pathetic performance in Winnipeg will be reason for major changes. Unfortunately good guy Kevin Glenn is also on the hot seat.

.....Burris to Ham......Glenn to T.O.....just a wild guess... :wink:

Burris isn't the answer in Hamilton. Bellefeuille had to go...when a team is as inconsistent as the Cats were this year, it has to be a coaching issue. I'd be surprised if Chamblin stays.

We were very inconsistent no question but it must be something a bit deeper than that. We won a playoff game and agains't Montreal, not an easy thing to do.

neither is Glenn or Porter but we have to utilize the best option available, and Burris may be the only decent option left out there until a fresh face surfaces.
At least Hank has some mobility, unlike Glenn, and was still voted by his peers this year as having the strongest arm in the league

You have to admit that if you bring in Burris, you’re dealing with the very short-term future. The guy’s 37, for cripes sake.

of course, one or two seasons max for Burris while we develop a young prospect.

Clearly, neither Glenn nor Porter will achieve the brass ring for the Cats, and it is not inconceivable for Burris to have one or two good years left on the drivetrain.
Don't forget Calvillo won the Cup at 37 and 38 years old respectively, and lead all QB categories again this year at age 39.

I'm not stating that Hank is the holy grail, although he has won a Grey Cup as well as an MOP last season and has a successful track record.
Glenn and Porter have won zip, zilch and nada.

and Hank is still 36 and won't be 37 til next June.

Yea... that's it.. the Cats brass make personnel changes based on what Winnipig does, pretty high on yourselves aren't you guys!

:roll: :roll:

And Kerry Joseph came in to Toronto around that age after winning the MOP. He did not play like AC.

The idea that Henry Burris will do it because AC did is pretty misleading. AC is the exception, KJ is the rule.

Comparing Burris with Joseph is also misleading.
Joseph had a miracle run in 2007 and did little previous or subsequent.

Burris has won two MOP's, a Grey Cup and a Grey Cup MVP, as well as being one of the top passers in the league the past decade.
Hank has had a much more consistent and successful career than Joseph ever had.

and I'm not saying Hank is a clone of Calvillo or will win a Cup for the Cats this coming season if picked up, although he provides a much better chance than their current QB's.

this is why.

Marcel could never get them that winning season.

they lucked out and then got beaten bad.

Belle was doomed.

if it's Chamblin, he'll make it right.

This the same Chamblin, the one who kept dropping premiere pass rushers like Steve Baggs and Justin Hickman back into pass coverage? That Chamblin?

yup. book it.
sask would hire him in a sec.
hammy is on the road due to stadium construction.
he’s the guy…i’m taking all wagers
think kavis reed

In 2013. What about 2012?

every coach signs 3 year deal