Ti-Cats fight song

Oskee Wee Wee
Oskee Wha Wha
Holy Mackinaw
Ti-Cats... Eat Em' RAW!

Oskee meow meow
Oskee meow meow
Holy Kitty Cat
Kitty-cats..Beaten Again! :rockin:

do you call yourself a Ti-Cats fan?
Becasue you dont seem like one.

Chang7, besides the Canadian national anthem thats my favorite song.

Careful. You might get that guy from the University of Illinois all riled up again. Remember he said we stole their song.

With the Argos coming in we can expect them to sing that rude song.

Block that Punt..
Block that Punt..

Kick those cheerleaders in the .....ARRRRGGGOOOSSSS.

I don't know about you but that song could cause a fight. It almost did last year.

I was sitting at the Labor Day Classic beside this gentleman with his 2 daughters (age 12 age 14)
and he was so mad I thought he was going to snap!

His one daughter said, Dad I know what they are singing about and thats rude!

So the guy threatened them to stop they ended up cursing which only made the situation worse for the kids sitting within earshot.

From my experience its not wise to fight at the game, the police will beat you down first and ask questions later, no matter who started it.

Lets hope for a peaceful 2 home games against the blue.

Actually, Chang. That's the chant (though you have a variant spelling on waa-waa.

The legendary Jake Gaudaur wrote the theme song - "We Love Those 'Cats." You used to be able to hear it on the site. Perhaps someone out there has the link.

I had already googled it
before I read your post, Mark.

click here

I wish I could find the vigorous hard driving
arrangement played by the Tiger Cat Pep Band

or, at least, a less sappy non Glenn Miller version.

Did you listen to the Tiger-Cat fight song?

If so, you heard the lines...

So we'll Whiskee-wee-wee
And Oski-wa-wa
Right on to victory.....


Confirmation from the "old days" that the cheer used to be different than the present version.

I hate to flog an old horse,(SURE!!!!!) but this is the way the cheer sounded before revisionists took control....

Holy Mackinaw
Tigers, eat 'em raw!

Maybe its time to start playing the song before the game..
I've noticed the Riders play their song at their games..and I think after they score a TD

I like the original lyrics and think we should go back to them. Whiskie wee wee!

Who knows . . . Perhaps we'll win a game or two using the correct fight song format.

Thaks Ron, for the post.
Thanks Wilf for pointing out the correction.

Lets get back to basics. . .you know, like blocking and tackling.

I went to the Ti-Cats game at the Rogers Centre and noticed the blue team plays theirs as well after every score.

Tiger Cat fight song


Oh my- this version (far more sprightly) uses the "oski-wee-wee, oski-waa-waa" lyrics.

WHEN did these words change? It has to be since Gaudaur originally wrote the song. Or perhaps the words were fluid back then as well.

Jason Farr is a vocalist in that version laughinghard linked to.. lol

yeah, the Lions play their traditional fight song too...lots. "Roar you Lions, Roar" -- I think that's what it's called.

Will is correct, as usual, on the original cheer. That is how I learnt it Can't remember when or how it morphed.

They do play the fight song occasionally at the games, just have to listed for it I guess.

I've heard that too...though I thought it originated from how you'd order a whiskey in the stands.."Wiskee wee wee".

Could be slodrive, in those days there was more whiskey in the stands that the LCBO. Ah memories.

Yes and I cringe when I hear it becuase they stole that song directly from Chelsea FC. In fact the lyrics were "blue is our colour, Chelsea is our name" Too bad that Sask couldn't come up with something original!! I first heard this song at Chelsea in 1972. If I was Chelsea I would sue the Riders.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_is_the_Colour_(Chelsea]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_is_th ... r_(Chelsea[/url])