Ti-Cats favoured to win Grey Cup

Bet365 and Bodog set there odds out and both pick the Ti-Cats to win

#Ticats favoured to win Grey Cup by online gambling sites. #CFL
bet365, a British-based online gambling site with over six million customers in 200 different countries, has released updated odds to win the 2012 Grey Cup. The Ticats have moved to the top of the list.

[b]Hamilton +350 (7 to 2)
Calgary +450 (9 to 2)
BC +450 (9 to 2)
Winnipeg +550 (11 to 2)
Montreal +550 (11 to 2)
Toronto +650 (13 to 2)
Edmonton +900 (9 to 1)
Saskatchewan +900 (9 to 1)

The Ticats are also favoured at bodog.ca

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 4/1
B.C. Lions 9/2
Calgary Stampeders 5/1
Montreal Alouettes 5/1
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 11/2
Toronto Argonauts 13/2
Edmonton Eskimos 8/1
Saskatchewan Roughriders 9/1[/b]

4 out of 5 dentists also chose the Cats!

Simple question, is this a good thing or a bad thing? :?

To be favoured to win the Cup that is, not winning the Cup. :wink:

Unless those odds are 1/1 it's meaningless. Anything can happen in the CFL and the last thing our team needs is a sense of entitlement.

You've GOT to be kidding.. after all this team has done in the last 10 years, you think just because they are favoured to win you think they will think they are entitled??

The only downside is if you are looking to place a bet on us winning, in which case, you won't win as much when we do.

I wouldn't choose the word "entitlement" but they could be affected by over-confidence. Happens to powerhouse teams all the time. They take a weaker opponent too lightly and choke at the wrong time. Anyone remember the Frank Kush led 1981 Ti-cats and the big fail against Ottawa in the EDF? A 14-4 season will mean nothing if we bow out before the BIG game.

You look at how many teams over the last few years we should have beat on paper but didn't when push came to shove. The Playoff game vs the Argos two years ago. The Saskachewan game last year vs their backup QB. Every game vs the Esks last year. When you also consider last year we were "expected" to take the East division, I'm not taking anything the oddsmakers say for granted, espcially with a new coaching staff.

When the talking head gurus on TSN like Dunnigan and Shultzie speak we listen.
Believe me when I tell you that these oddsmakers are the real gurus.
They are the Gods of the Guru's!
Professional oddsmakers are paid to be right, and they are right alot more than they are wrong.
An oddsmaker will not last long on his job if he is not right a very high percentage of the time.
Oddsmakers have all information at their disposal and they look at everything and all aspects to set their odds.

So bet the mortgage people, we are bringing it home this year!! :smiley:

So if the odds were 1 / 1 they would mean more, how does that make sense?
N yes obviously anything can happen, the odds makers didn't give out the cup but them saying the Cats are favored is pretty big news.

We all know prognosticators are proven erroneous on many an occasion.
(although I sincerely hope they are right this time around) :smiley:

Historically, the percentage of Cup success for a favored team is not great.
I doubt even BC was favored last season, yet they did win...and in compelling fashion.
Calgary and Hamilton were early favs to advance.

Odds like this can instill negative connotations in two ways...
-development of cockiness/arrogance
-or undue pressure to win which can impair focus

Hopefully, the team just sticks with the game plan and refrains from media clairvoyance.

When in the predicting game, be careful.Be very careful.

I think we can all agree that our Cats look to be the best team right now, and the Grey Cup is definitely in our sights.

But, it takes only one key injury to skew the whole picture. Hopefully that won't happen, but let's just take one game at a time, enjoy each win. look forward to the Cup, and especially the complete devastation of the Blue team.

If the Cup comes, we'll have lots of time to celebrate then!

My apologies, I believe I may have got my numbers wrong. I thought if the odds were 1/1 that would mean that there is no question, the Cats will win the cup. However, apparently that would indicate on a 50% chance. What I wanted to say was 0/1 odds. That however doesn't happen in sports gambling, because it's not a gamble at that point.

Either way, any football team thinking they are favoured to win when the run onto the field doesn't have their heads on straight.

I agree.

It's nice that some odds-makers think we look good at this early stage, but it's way too soon for such predictions to be meaningful.

We don't know what the roster will be, how our new QB will do, how our new coaching staff and their strategies will measure up, what injuries may befall us, how the competition performs, etc, etc.

I doubt very much that the players will pay the slightest attention to some ultra-early odds-maker predictions of success.

Let's just work hard, play well and win some games. If we're 11-3 heading into October, that'll be soon enough to start getting cocky.

Those same odds makers picked the Packers to win the superbowl at the beginning of the season. Going into superbowl weekend they also picked the Pats to beat the Giants.

Aint that just like an Arblow fan, raining on our Grey Cup Parade. :wink:

I place very little emphasis on anything odds makers have to say. The proof of our football destiny this year
lies in the hands of our players and coaches.

As Wilf suggests, one crucial injury could change the entire picture.

Argos staying step for step with Cats (Ray,Burris.....Barnes,Fantuz), GC in TO and they are near the bottom of both lists.

Argos should pin up those odds in their locker room for motivation and the Cats should strike that from their memory.


Go Cats Go :rockin:

I predict that the sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning. However, I could be wrong three different ways there...