Ti-Cats Fans Should be Proud of Themselves

Coming off 4 consecutive losing seasons and being as jacked and boistrous as we were is no small feat.. Cats fans were making noise and harassing Argos and Argo supporters alike well into the 4th quartre.

As for the team's performance, this is by no means the status quo or same old. It was a poor POOR start but this isn't a poor team. They never gave up and fought to the end. The scuffle in the 1st QTR that resulted in a net gain of 20 yards for the Argos on an otherwise dead drive handed the blue team 7. Chalk that up to the refs, I didn't see how that altercation was a 3:1 major foul favouring the Argos. Porter's two pics you can say handed over another net of 10 - 14. It was a 3 mistake game otherwise played competitively.

The important thing is that this team gets its first win SOON. BC sounds next to impossible given the Cats almost never win on the Pacific trip but hey remember opening game 2004?... but that locker room just needs to feel a victory and good things are coming.

Ticats are tied with Calgary!!! :lol:

I thought the crowd was into it until the first drive of the second half. Once the Argos scored, I contemplated leaving to make it my hockey game.

Obviously you are a half full and not half empty kind of guy. lol

were still undefeated!!!!.........against the west!

Agreed...was very happy with the crowds performance....


And Winnepeg.