Ti-Cats fans - Are you seated? We control our own destiny. lol

As incredible as it sounds - the 3 - 9 Ti-Cats now control their own destiny.

We are 5 points behind Ottawa and after their loss tonight - we have 3 games in hand. That is a potential 6 points. One of those games is in Ottawa too.

Plus as a Plan B - if we beat the Argos Saturday night - a game I will be at and am surprisingly now looking forward to - we will be just 4 points back of them with a game in hand - having won the season series.

So for the first time all season - look for an engaged crowd at THF Saturday night. How crazy is that?

Who would have thought a month ago that at the end of September I would be posting - Oskee Wee Wee! - and actually mean it? :slight_smile:

This would have been such a good post for the Tiger-Cats forum.

I highly doubt that Pat . It doesn't mention anything at all about that little jerk Johnny or even a word about which RB we should use in tonight's game or who exactly made the decision in the first place or anything about where Zach will play next year or if Masoli is a legitimate QB or if...blah...blah... blah......rinse , repeat , rinse repeat.....etc ,etc , etc...... ::slight_smile: :-\

I mean these are such important questions that need to be answered that we just have to have multiple new threads on everyone of these subjects started everyday just in case you might've missed the first thread posted on the Tiger-Cat forum in the first place . Yup , definitely no room in there for a thread or a post like this one . I mean with all the excess clutter over there lately there's a good chance that it would've got lost in the shuffle . ??? :wink:

You noticed that too, bobo?

Yup , it's kinda hard not to notice it . Pretty aggravating to say the least especially when if you look the vast majority of all these new threads that are popping up have all been started by a certain same poster (no names mentioned...cough,cough,hack,hack... Ah-G-bear::)) as well as a few newbie posters that have suddenly surfaced out of thin air (once again , no names mentioned ::))
It's almost like they have a sickness where if they don't start at least one or two new threads a day on the same subject then they start to get sweaty palms and heart palpitations . ???

As even more incredible as it sounds (but not likely to happen) the Cats after starting out the season at 0 - 8 are now along with the Argos the only other Eastern team that has a shot at finishing with a .500 record after the RB's fell to 5 - 9 - 1 last night with their loss to the Riders .I'm calling it right now , the Cats will surpass Ottawa and will finish ahead of them in 2nd place in the East . The Cats will also make history as the first team to ever start the season with 8 straight losses and still make the play-offs . :o

Not anymore.

I could be wrong - but I think we still do. If we win all 5 remaining games (which won't happen - I know) that would give us 16 points. One of those five games is against Ottawa. They only have 3 games left. If they lose to us - the most points they can end up with is 15 by winning their other two games.

Looks like the CC is in control of your fate.

Wish that was funny but it's not.

As they have the last couple of years. Three apologies in three years, two of which were for multiple blown calls in a game.

Actually, one of the other two wasn't the CC, it was on the on-field officials. Not that it matters....

Yup. Apparently the Command Centre does control the Ti-Cats fate. Which means we don't stand a chance.

Although we do stand a very good chance of receiving an apology for a 6th blown call against the Cats - since we have received apologies for 5 blown calls so far.

Congratulations Argos! You've got Command Centre back-up for winning the east. Must be nice.